Daily Word List – Set 21

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the 21st Set of Daily Word Lists to Increase to you vocabulary.

1. Acme: the
highest peak that is reachable.
Example: At her acme, the singer was making over thirty
million dollars a year.
2. Clamour: to ask
for loudly.
Example: As soon
as the people learn about the little boy’s murder, they are going to clamor for justice.
3. Derision: being
laughed at or ridiculed.
Example: You
should praise me for my actions rather than laugh in derision.
4. Dogmatic: to
strongly state unsupported opinions or beliefs as if they were absolute facts.
Example: I don’t
mean to come across as dogmatic, but
I am certain I am correct on this issue!
5. Genesis:  the point at which something comes into
existence; the beginning.
Example: Genesis is the first chapter of the
Bible’s Old Testament.
6. Abyss: an area
that appears endless and immeasurable.
Example: If
you’re an alcoholic, the temptation to drink may seem like a huge abyss.
7. Restive: feeling
bored or impatient while waiting for something to happen or change
Example:  After just a week of summer vacation, the
kids were bored and restive,
demanding new things to do.
8. Sardonic: displaying
disrespect in a scornful way.
Example: The
criminal had a sardonic smile on his
face when he shot at the police officer.
9. Tranquil: relaxed;
Example: The yoga
instructor will show us the best way to reach a tranquil state.
10. Feral: unruly
or wild, often related to animals.
Example: The feral dog would not approach humans.



Team ExamPundit


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