Daily Word List – 17 January, 2017 – Definition | Synonyms | Use in a Sentence

Hello and welcome to exampundit. So here are the Daily Word List of 17 January, 2017.

1. Dastardly
(adv.):  in the manner of a dastard; marked by
cowardice. Wicked and cruel.
Synonyms: rotten,
vile, contemptible, pusillanimous.
“pirates and their dastardly deeds”
2. Corroborate(v): confirm or give support to (a
statement, theory, or finding).
confirm, verify, endorse, ratify
Use: “the
witness had corroborated the boy’s account of the attack”
3. Digress(v):  leave the main subject temporarily in speech
or writing.
deviate, go off at a tangent, diverge
Use: “I have
digressed a little from my original plan”
4. Inculpate
(v):  accuse or blame.
Synonyms: accuse,
attack, blame
Use: “he
blamed himself, but also inculpated his fiancée”
5. Phalanx (n):  a body of troops or police officers standing
or moving in close formation.
Synonyms: Legion,
Flock, Army, Horde
Use: “six
hundred marchers set off, led by a phalanx of police”
6. Vile
(adj.):  morally low.
offensive, horrid, nasty, horrible.
Use: A base, vile
7. Procrustean
(adj.):  Enforcing strict conformity through disregard
of individual differences or special circumstances.
generous, ruthless, abundant.
Use: The concept
of an Age of Nationalism is a bit procrustean.
8. Asinine (n):  failing to exercise intelligence or judgment.
Synonyms: senseless,
absurd, draft, foolish, obstinate.
Use: “Lydia
ignored his asinine remark”
9. Chipper
(adj.):  exhibiting a lively optimism.
cheerful, happy, lively, sprightly.
Use: he is very chipper
in nature.
10. Kindle (v): set (something) on fire.
Synonyms: light,
ignite, set alight, set light to, set on fire,
Use: “he
kindled a fire of dry grass”


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