Current Affairs Quiz – Finance/Banking/Insurance – February 2015 – Set 2


1. Recently, RBI decided to bring back one rupee notes.
There will be a Hidden Word vertically arranged
 on the right hand
side. What is the word?

(a) RBI
(b) India
(c)  Bharat
(d) Rupee
(e) ONE
2. Which Indian bank recently started tech learning
centers across the country to help customers?
(a) Axis Bank
(b) ICICI Bank
(c)  United Bank of India
(d) State Bank of India
(e) Canara Bank
3. Union Government added 38 more products to the list of
products exempt from CTT. What does “C”
 stands for in CTT?
(a) Commodity
(b) Consumer
(c)  Capital
(d) Consignment
(e) Commercial
4. To create ‘India’s first online luxury mall’,
Exclusively was acquired by ________.
(e) None of them
5. recently inked a deal to partner with which
US Media Company?
(a) Buzzfeed
(b) TechCrunch
(c)  Huffington Post
(d) TMZ
(e) Mashable
6. The First Renewable Energy Global Investors Meet &
Expo, also known as RE-Invest 2015 was held in
 which city?
(a) Mumbai
(b) Shanghai
(c)  Beijing
(d) New Delhi
(e) Dubai
7. Which of the following is not a tech channel of a
retail bank in India –
(a) Cash Deposit Machines
(b) Mobile Banking apps
(c)  Net Banking
(d) Green Remit Cards
(e) None of them
8. Which North East Indian state’s chief minister advocated
Naturonomics for NE states to usher in a
 strong economy?
(a) Arunachal Pradesh
(b) Assam
(c)  Meghalaya
(d) Tripura
(e) Manipur
9. State Bank of India announced to finance small tea
growers of North East India totalling ______.
(a) `100
(b) `200
(c) `300
(d) `150
(e) `110
10. As per the newly proposed Oil Subsidy Sharing Formula
between Union Government and Public
 Sector Oil Companies, what is
the minimum price/barrel with No Subsidy Contribution?
(a) $45
(b) $50
(c)  $60
(d) $75
(e) $100
11. RBI restricted foreigners from buying shares through
GDRs and other foreign investment schemes.
 What does GDR stands
(a) Gross Domestic Ratio
(b) Global Depositary Receipt
(c)  Gross Depositary Receipt
(d) Global Depositary Ratio
(e) None of the above
12. BCCI, IPL got `425 cr show cause
notice for alleged forex violations by _____.
(a) Reserve Bank of India
(b) Securities and Exchange Board of India
(c)  Export Import Bank of India
(d) Enforcement Directorate
(e) Central Bureau of Investigation
13. Which company recently announced to roll out 50000
outlets for cash loading purpose in digital
(a) KayPay
(b) Pockets
(c)  OxyCash
(d) Uber
(e) PayTM
14. Union Government approved continuation of incentive
scheme for marketing of _____.
(a) Raw Jute Production
(b) Tea Production
(c)  Rice Production
(d) Raw Sugar Production
(e) Raw Cotton Production
15. Who has been appointed as MD & CEO of Multi
Commodity Exchange?
(a) Punit Renjen
(b) Balasubramaniam Venkataramani
(c)  Mr. Satyananda Mishra
(d) Mr. Ravi Kamal Bhargava
(e) Parveen Kumar Singhal

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  • This Quiz contains Fiancial, Banking, Economical Current Affaris From Feb 14 to Feb 21, 2015. You can check out the Set 1 from here.

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