Current Affairs & GK Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 – 2

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of Current Affairs & GK Quiz for SSC CGL 2016. This can also be used in the coming Bank Exams.

1. Patricia Scotland has taken over the New Secretary
General of Common wealth,  by replacing
A.  Indian, Diplomat
Kamlesh Sharma
B. Professor Asha Kanwar
C. Willie Wood
D. None
2. 2018 commonwealth games will be held in
A. Australia
B. Scotland
C. India
D. South Africa
3. Capital of Vietnam
A. Sa pa
B. Hanoi
C. Nha trang
D. Ho chi minh city
4. The First women Chief Justice of Nepal’s Supreme
A. Sushila karki
B. Ms. Radha Sigdel
C. Sakshi Pokharel
D. None

5. The national awards 2016 for Best Film on Social Issue:
A. Niranayakam
B. Pahadro luho
C. Kaanche
D. Duronto
6. ‘TRON Light Cycle Power Run’ is
A. A new theme of Disney park
B. A latest lighting technology
C. Theme of a nature park
D. None of the above
7. Nobel prize winner Ahmed Zewail died recently. He was
from which filed?
A. Biology
B. Physics
C. Maths
D. Chemistry
8. K M Hanumantharayappa assumes charge as Chairman of
A. Central silk board of india
B. Central coffee board of india
C. Rubber board of india
D. Rice research institute of india

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9. Senior BJP leader Ram Nath Kovind is the governor of
A. Bihar
B. Odisha
C. Tamil nadu
D. Himachal Pradesh
10. NTPC recently set up a new solar park at
A. Odisha
B. Karnataka
C. Assam
D. Gujarat
11. The report of kelkar task force on indirect taxes dealt
B. Goods and services tax
C. Fat tax
D. Income tax
12. Asian games 2018 is scheduled to be held at
A. Indonesia
B. China
C. South Korea
D. Qatar
13. __________Government has signed a Memorandum of
Understanding with the Union Civil Aviation Ministry and Airports Authority of
India (AAI) to develop 10 airports as part of the Centre’s Regional
Connectivity Scheme.
A. Gujarat
B. Punjab
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Maharashtra
14. Gangajal Delivery Scheme – Gangajal Home Delivery
through Indian Post was launched at
A. Patna
B. New Delhi
C. Kashmir
D. Kolkata
15. The world’s first self-driving taxi service was launched
A. Singapore
B. Hong Kong
C. New York
D. Tokyo
16. What is current Marginal Standing Facility Rate as by
A. 6%
B. 6.5%
C. 7%

D. 7.8 %


Team ExamPundit