Crack IBPS RRB 2017 – 43 Day Preparation Plan

The Examination bells are already ringing. IBPS RRB 2017 Exam is round the corner and it is necessary to
have a strategic plan to scale this exam in a short span of time. As we know
that the preliminary exam of IBPS RRB
is lined up for 9th,
10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th
September 2017
, it is important to devise a time-bound strategy and
preparatory plan to score high in this paper.
To ease out your preparation, we have designed a proper plan for IBPS RRB 2017 Exam, helping
you to ace this exam in remaining 43 days. Before reading the
study plan here’s what you need to know:

Exam Pattern and Syllabus

It is important to know the IBPS RRB syllabus  and
exam pattern
before you start the preparation. This will enable you to
prepare judiciously for IBPS RRB 2017
by segregating your time equally for all the sections in the exam.
Weightage of each section asked in Exam

For a result oriented preparation, it is crucial to know the weightage of each topic asked in the IBPS RRB
2017 Exam. You can easily divide your time by focusing more on sections asked
frequently compared to rest. This will help you in the quality preparation for
the exam.
The two
most difficult sections
of IBPS RRB 2017 Exam are Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning.
These two sections can either lure you really good marks or can cause a
devastating effect on your scorecard. Hence, it is mandatory to prepare
accordingly for these two sections by focusing on each topic. These two
sections can surprise you a lot with their twisted questions and strenuous
We have therefore chalked out a preparatory plan of 6 weeks for
these two sections so that you can exponentially increase your score in these
two sections in IBPS RRB 2017 Exam.

Days Quantitative Aptitude Reasoning
1 Tables/Fractions/Cubes/Squares Alphabets
2 Quick Calculation Techniques


3 Simplification/Approximation Alpha-Numeric-Symbol series
4 Average, Ratio and Proportion Coding-Decoding
5 Profit and Loss, Percentage Inequalities
6 Simple Interest &Compound Interest Inequalities
7 Allegation or Mixtures Ranking and DI

8 Partnership Ranking and DI

9 Time and DI

10 Boat and Streams Syllogism
11 Problems on Ages Syllogism
12 Number Series Data Sufficiency
13 Time and Work, Work and Wages Data Sufficiency
14 Pipes and Cisterns Data Sufficiency
15 Permutation and Combinations Seating Arrangement
16 Quadratic Equations/Inequality Seating Arrangement
17 Probability Seating Arrangement
18 Mensuration I:Area and Perimeter Seating Arrangement
19 Mensuration II:Volume Seating Arrangement
20 Mensuration III:Surface Area Puzzle
21 Data Sufficiency Puzzle
22 DI

(Table Graph)
23 DI

(Line Graph)
24 DI

(Bar Graph)
25 DI

(Cumulative Bar Graph)
Machine Input-Output
26 DI

(Pie Charts)
Machine Input-Output
27 DI

(Radar Graph)
Machine Input-Output
28 DI (Missing) Logical Reasoning
29 DI

(Case let)
Logical Reasoning
30 Practice

of First five chapters (1-5)

of First six chapters (1-6)
31 Practice

of next four (6-9)

of next six (7-12)
32 Practice

of next four (10-13)

of next three (13-15)
33 Practice

of next five chapters (14-18)

of next three chapters (16-18)
34 Practice

of next four (19-22)

of next four (19-22)
35 Practice

of next three (23-25)

of next four (23-26)
36 Practice

of next four (26-29)

of next three (27-29)
37 Practice

of next four (30-33)

of next four (30-33)
38 Practice

Set-1 and Analysis

Set-1 and Analysis
39 Practice

Set-2 and Analysis

Set-2 and Analysis
40 Practice

Set-3 and Analysis

Set-3 and Analysis
41 Practice

Set-4 and Analysis

Set-4 and Analysis
42 Practice

Set-5 and Analysis

Set-5 and Analysis
43 Practice

Set-6 and Analysis

Set-6 and Analysis

Give IBPS RRB Mock Test Series

Now that you have gone through the strategic plan for IBPS RRB
2017 Exam, equip your preparation with by solving IBPS RRB Mock Test Series to score
high in this exam. This will help
you to build your concepts and know your strengths and weaknesses. You will get
a fair idea of your preparation level for the exam and will be able to analyze
your position among other aspirants by getting an all India Rank after every
All the Best!
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