Computer Knowledge Quiz for Bank Exams 2016 – Set 2

Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for upcoming Bank/Insurance Exams in 2016.

1. Which of the following does not belong to same group –
(a) Token bus
(b) Token ring
(c) Ether net
(d) User id
(e) None of these
2. Digital signatures use encryption for –
(a) Authorization
(b) Authentication
(c) Validity
(d) Monitoring
(e) None of these
3. Which of the following is used as an interface between user and hardware –
(a) Loader
(b) Operating system
(c) Translator
(d) Compiler
(e) None of these
4. BCD means –
(a) Binary coded decimal
(b) Binary code design
(c) Basic coding design
(d) Base code digits
(e) None of these
5. The user account can only be created by –
(a) User
(b) Network admin
(c) Project manager
(d) Software engineer
(e) None of these
6. What is a bug –
(a) A run time error
(b) A syntax error
(c) a logical error in programme
(d) an error in scanning
(e) None of these
7. Which of the following display the entire set of slides on screen so that you can check the order and complete the presentation?
(a) Slide show
(b) Slide sorter
(c) Outline view
(d) Notes pages
(e) None of these
8. To select entire columns in excel sheet we use which of the following short cut key ?
(a) Ctrl + space
(b) Shift + space
(c) Ctrl + K
(d) Alt + K
(e) None of these
9. To bring up search box in excel sheet we use –
(a) Shift + F5
(b) F5
(c) Ctrl + F5
(d) Ctrl + B
(e) None of these
10. By default your file saved at which place in any computer ?
(a) My Computer
(b) My Document
(c) My Folder
(d) D – Drive
(e) None of these


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