Computer Knowledge Quiz for Bank Exams 2016 – Set 3


Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for upcoming Bank/Insurance Exams in 2016.

1.  Console is
(A)  A device that allows human operators not to communicate with the computer
(B)  A device that allows human operators to communicate with the computer
(C)  Communication between computers
(D)  Other than those provided in the option
(E) None of them
2.  Following is true for Bubble memory
(A)  A compact data storage device made of thin wafers of garnet(a semiconductor material)  in a magnetic field
(B)  Non volatile memory
(C)  Data contained in them is lost when the power is turned off
(D) Only 1 and 2 are correct
(E) All 1, 2 and 3 are correct
3.  The first digital computer build with IC chips was known as
(A) IBM system / 360
(B) IBM 7090
(C)  Apple 1
(D)  VAX 10
(E) None of them
4.  Laptop computer was invented by
(A)  Allan Osborne
(B) Dr Edgar Frank Codd
(C)  Adam Osborne
(D)  Ray Kurzweil
(E) None of them
5. A device invented by Dr Bobeck
(A) Magnetic disc
(B)  Punched paper tape
(C) Magnetic bubble storage
(D)  Other than those given in the option
(E) None of them
6. The shortcut command to close window
(A) Alt+F4
(B) Alt+F1
(C) Alt+End
(D) Ctrl+F4
(E) None of them
7. A program written in machine level language is what kind of program
(A) Source
(B) Object
(C) Low level
(D) Computer
(E) None of them
8. Rootkit is
(A) An application that captured TCP/IP data packets,which can maliciously be used to capture passwords and other data while it is in transit either within the computer or over the network
(B) a situation in which one program or person successfully masquerades  as another by falsifying data and thereby gaining illegitimate access
(C) A toolkit for hiding the fact that a computer’s security has been compromised,is a general description of a set of programs which work to subvert control of an operating system from its illegitimate(in accordance with established rules)  operators
(D)  Other than those given in the option
(E) All of A, B and C
9. Blue hat is
(A)  a hacker breaks security for altruistic or atleast non malicious reasons
(B) Hacker of ambiguous ethics or borderline legality often frankly admitted
(C) someone outside computer security consulting firms that are used to bug test a system prior to its launch ,looking for exploits so that they can be closed
(D)  other than those given in the option
(E) None of them
10. A computer can be joined to more than one network through
(A) connector
(B) gateway
(C) passages
(D) All of them
(E) None of them
11. Synapse is
(A)  a class of graphic techniques used to visualize the contents of a database
(B) A branch that connects one node to another
(C) the division of a certain space into various areas based on guide points
(D)  All of them
(E) None of them


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