Computer Knowledge Quiz – 4

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for RBI Assistant Mains.

  1. _______ controls the interaction between the hardware devices and operating system.

(a) Device drivers

(b) MS-DOS

(c) Hard-disk

(d) Both (a) and (b)

(e) None of these



  1. A Hybrid Computer

(a) resembles digital computer

(b) resembles analog computer

(c) resembles both a digital and analog computer

(d) resembles a simple computer.

(e) None of these



  1. Which out of the following commands would you use to change your password in UNIX system?

(a) Pass

(b) cn pass

(c) password

(d) setpass

(e) None of these



  1. In C++ programming, the extension of program is

(a) .cpp

(b) .cpt

(c) .c

(d) .cplus

(e) None of these




  1. HTML code is always starts with _____ and terminates with ______.

(a) <html> </html>

(b) <html> <htm>

(c) <htm> </htm>

(d) <html> </html>

(e) None of these



  1. The typical microprocessor is most likely to contain

(a) ALU

(b) Power supply

(c) RAM

(d) Audio Input Pin

(e) None of these



  1. Deleted data remains on a disk until _______.

(a) the data is overwritten

(b) the recycle bin is emptied

(c) a file compression utility is used

(d) the disk is scanned

(e) None of the above



  1. Memory allocation at the routine is known as

(a) Static memory allocation

(b) Dynamic memory allocation

(c) Paging

(d) Demanding

(e) None of these



  1. Which of the following protocols is used by Internet mail?
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(a) HTTP

(b) TCP/IP

(c) FTP

(d) HTMP

(e) None of these



  1. Possible problems with Java script can be –

(a) security

(b) limited graphics and multimedia capabilities

(c) source code accessible

(d) Either (a) or (b)

(e) None of these




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