Computer Knowledge Quiz 2015 – Set 16

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for Bank and Insurance Exams.

1. A page fault:
(a) Is an error in a specific page
(b) Occurs when a program accesses a page of memory
(c) Is an access to a page not currently in memory
(d) None of these
(e) All the above
2. The process of
transferring data intended for a peripheral device into a disk (or intermediate
store) so
that it can be transferred
to peripheral at a more convenient time or in bulk, is known as ___
(a) Multiprogramming
(b) Spooling
(c) Caching
(d) Virtual programming
(e) Clearing
3. An instruction in
a programming language that is replaced by a sequence of instructions prior to

assembly or compiling is known as ___
(a) procedure name
(b) macro
(c) label
(d) literal
(e) mini
4. Banker’s algorithm
for resource allocation deals with:
(a) Deadlock prevention
(b) Deadlock avoidance
(c) Deadlock recovery
(d) Mutual exclusion
(e) None of these
5. The state of a
process after it encounters an I/O instruction is ___
(a) Ready
(b) Blocked/Waiting
(c) Idle
(d) Running
(e) Coding
6. The number of
processes completed per unit time is known as _____.
(a) Output
(b) Throughput
(c) Efficiency
(d) Capacity
(e) Input
7. Which of the
following file name extension suggests that the file is Backup copy of another
(a) TXT
(b) COM
(c) BAS
(d) BAK
(e) BAT
8. Which technique
was introduced because a single job could not keep both the CPU and the I/O

devices busy?
(a) Time-sharing
(b) Spooling
(c) Preemptive scheduling
(d) Multiprogramming
(e) Multi tasking
9. A sequence of
instructions, in a computer language, to get the desired result, is known as:
(a) Algorithm
(b) Decision Table
(c) Program
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these
10. Information in a
memory that is no longer valid or wanted is known as:
(a) Non-volatile
(b) Volatile
(c) Surplus
(d) Garbage
(e) Dustbin


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