Computer Knowledge Quiz 2015 – Set 12

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for Bank Exams 2015.

1. A worksheet range
is a:
(a) A command used for data modeling
(b) A range of values such as from 23 to 234
(c) A group of cells
(d) A group of worksheets
(e) All the above
2. The short cut key
to quickly create a Bullet Point in MS WORD is:
(a) Ctrl + Shift + B
(b) Ctrl + B
(c) Ctrl + Shift + *
(d) Ctrl + Shift + L
(e) None of these
3. ______ hard drives
are permanently located inside the system unit and are not designed to be
removed, unless they need to be repaired or
(a) Static
 (b) Internal
(c) External
(d) Dynamic
(e) None of these
4. DFD is:
(a) Data file distribution
(b) Data file definition
(c) Digital file distribution
(d) Data flow diagram
(e) Data file definition
5. The quickest and
easiest way in MS-Word to locate a particular word or phrase in a document is to

use the ______ command.
(a) Replace
(b) Find
(c) Lookup
(d) Search
(e) Rename
6. Word processing,
spreadsheet, and photo-editing are example of ?
(a) Application software
(b) System software
(c) Operating system software
(d) Platform software
(e) Keyboard software

7. Which of the
following is/ are used to identify a user who returns to a Website?
(a) ASPs
(b) Plug-ins
(c) Scripts
(d) Cookies
(e) History
8. RAM can be thought
of as the – ___ for the computer’s processor.
(a) Planning room
(b) Waiting room
(c) Factory
(d) Operating room
(e) System room
9. Which of the
following functions is not performed by CPU?
(a) Graphical Display of data
(b) Arithmetic calculations
(c) Managing Memory
(d) Managing Input and Output
(e) None of these
10. The Feature that
keeps track of the right margins is:
(a) Find and Replace
(b) Word Wrap
(c) Right justified
(d) Left justified
(e) Ragged Right


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