Chapterwise Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 2017 – Time and Distance | SBI PO Prelims 2017

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1. In a
zoo, there was a cheetah and a tiger walking in 2 different rings of same
radii. Ramu observed that when cheetah moved 3 steps, tiger moved 5 steps in
the same time, but the distance traversed by cheetah in 5 steps equals to the
distance traversed by tiger in 4 steps. What is the number of rounds that a
cheetah made when tiger completed 100 rounds?
1) 120
2) 48
3) 75
4) 65
5) None
2. Devnath
express left Ajmer for Goa. 2 hours later Gopalpur express left from Ajmer to Goa.
Both trains reached Goa simultaneously. If Devnath express had started from
Ajmer and Gopalpur express had started from Goa at the same time and travelled
towards each other they would meet in 1 h 20 min. find the time taken by
Devnath express to travel from Ajmer to Goa in hours?
1) 5
2) 2
3) 4
4) 6
5) 8
3. Ramlal,
a hunter fired 2 shots from a tree top at an interval of 76 seconds. A cheetah
in motion in a very fast speed hears the 2 shots at an interval of 83 seconds.
If the velocity of the sound is 1327 kmph, find the speed of the cheetah?
1) 112.8
2) 111.91
3) 80.16
4) 78 kmph
5) None
4. Roy and
john start from Goa and Pune respectively with uniform velocities. Roy is
headed to Pune and john to Goa and both cities are 600 km distant. Roy rests
while john is on the move and john rests while roy is on the move. Roy’s
speed  is 25 kmph and joghn’s speed is
30kmph. If roy starts first and reaches Pune in 36 hours, then find the least
time taken by john to reach Goa after Roy starts the journey?
1) 20hrs
2) 54hrs
3) 36hrs
4) 44hrs
5) 40hrs
5. Number
of units of a good that can be produced by a factory is directly proportional
to the square of the number of workers, square root of the number of machines
and to the number of hours put in. The factory produces 200 goods when 4 people
work for 8 hours each with 4 machines. When 3 people work for 12 hours each
with 9 machines, how many goods will be produced?.
1) 24/31
2) 25/32
3) 51/68
4) 34/78
5) None
6. A fill
pipe can fill a tank in 20 hours, an outlet can drain a tank in 30 hours. If a
system of n pipes including inlet and outlet pipes can fill the tank in exactly
5 hours, which of the following are possible values of n (More than one option
could be correct)?
(1)    32      
(2)    54       (3)   
29       (4)    40
1) 1 and 2
2) 1 and 3
3) 2 and 4
4) 2 and 3
5) None
7. Two boys
begin together to write out note containing 535 lines. The first boy starts
with the first line, writing at the rate of 100 lines an hour; and the second
starts with the last line then writes line 534 and so on, backward proceeding
at the rate of 50 lines an hour. At what line will they meet?
1) 356
2) 277
3) 357
4) 267

5) None
Answers & Solutions – Tap to show
1. Ans-2
Ratio of
speeds=ratio of distances when time is constant
Ratio of
distances by cheetah and tiger=12:25
Ratio of
rounds made = 12:25
cheetah makes 48 rounds when tiger makes 100 (multiplied by 4)
2. Ans-3
Let Devnath
express takes x hours and Gopalpur express takes x-2 hours
3. Ans-2
In case of
increasing gap between 2 objects,
Speed of
sound/speed of cheetah=time utilized/difference in time
4. Ans-4
Time taken
by roy=36 h
Ideal time
required by roy= 600/25=24h
roy rests
for 36-24=12h
time for john=600/30=20h
But john
utilized those 12 hours in which roy rests, so he needs only 20-12 = 8 hours
Thus total
time by john=36+8=44
5. Ans-2
Goods α
workers 2
               α  num of machines ½
200  α  42
*41/2 * 8 =16x2x8=256
6. Ans-4
3 fill
pipes cancel out 2 drain pipes. We need extra 4 fill pipes to fill the tank in
5 hours. so the answer has to be 5k + 4.
Both 54 and 29 are possible.

7. Ans-3
ratio = 100 : 50 = 2 : 1
As equal quantities are taken, in a given time, first boy will be writing the
line number 

 or the 357th line

Hence, both of them shall meet on 357th line


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