Brief Exam Review SBI PO Prelims 29 April 2017 – 1st Shift


Hello and welcome to exampundit. Plenty of Thanks to Sarkar and Vivek for sharing your review.

Here is the brief review of SBI PO Prelims 29 April 2017 1st Shift

Reasoning was tough
4 puzzle were there.
1- 8 people their Dob and option are their age and difference not give direct option
2-8 people work
March June Oct Nov
And 10th- 27th day only of the month
3 – 8 people – floor- work on engg department
4 – i cannot remember
5 was inequality which were not easy symbol 5:5
10 question were based on short puzzles which had only one question.
Like candy sold less or more, one direction etc


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Math was easy

  • There were 2 Data Interpretation problems one based on Table and other one on Graph. 
  • 5 inequalities question
  • 5 series question
  • 5 approximation
  • 10 misc ,time work, age ,ratio,partnership.cistern,percentage.

English was moderate

  • One paragraph 10 question
  • 10 phrase correction
  • 10 Cloze test elimination of words using synonyms.

The entire review is written by Sarkar, if any error, spelling mistake is there, apologies for that.


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Team ExamPundit

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