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Science sometimes seems to be a magic,
sometimes a miracle but at the end of the day it is a reality that cannot be denied.
Genetically modified crops is one such reality. As the name suggests, genetic
modification is manipulation of genetic material(usually DNA) of an organism in
order to introduce a new desired trait in an organism that is naturally absent
in the species. Such a modification when done in the genes of the plants
modifies them genetically and hence called as genetically engineered crops. But
the question of our concern is why genetically modified crops when organic
farming is there. In organic farming, farmers use manure, biofertilizers, biopesticides
etc. to produce crops. But as the land is shrinking and the size of population
is increasing the demand for the food is hence reaching its peak. This means
that we need to produce a larger amount of crops in order to save the world
from hunger. The organic farming cannot increase the yield of crop to
appreciable degree, so the solution of this problem is use of genetically
modified crops.
GM crops contain and express one
or more useful foreign genes. The technique used ensures the crop and food
safety in a more efficient way as – any gene from any organism or a synthetic
gene can be used for incorporation and changes in genotypes are precisely
controlled. The technique is superior to breeding as in breeding already
present genes are reshuffled.
Due to genetic modification GM
crops have been useful in many ways.GM crops have been engineered in such a way
that they are resistant to insects and other pests thus reducing our dependence
on chemical pesticides. The most typical example of the same is but cotton. The
crops have been made more tolerant to abiotic stresses (cold, drought, salt, heat
etc.) which means there will be good quality and sufficient yield under adverse
weather conditions. These crops are also believed to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions, environmental problems etc. Adding more of the benefits, GM plants
also enhance the nutritional value of food which will also help significantly
in fighting against malnutrition in the developing countries eg- golden rice
which is rich in vitamin A. Since GM crops can be raised with ease, they thus
are essentially capable of producing greater amount of food. In order to feed
hungry people around the globe, forests need to be developed as croplands (by
deforestation) but with genetic modification of the crops this needs not to be
done. Also we will have to spend less on veggies as when the yield will be high
the prices will go down.

So considering the issue of hunger,
production, malnutrition and rising population, GM crops seem to be dependable


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