BOB Manipal 2017 – 2nd Shift Review – Shashank

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the Exam Review of BOB Manipal 2nd Shift shared by Shashank! Apologies for publishing late.


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My Attempts..115

Could attempt only 11 in English (time pran off).

Rest was good.

Reasoning:Easy ..managed 38.

1 circular sitting(inside outside both)
2 8 person north facing and liking different colours
3 8 floors and days.
Rest usual questions…DS,Syllos,Direction,BR,Assumptions,I/O.

QA : 34
 3 DI…one simple pie chart
            one tabular.. moderate
            one Bar Chart ..
Inequalities easy.
Number series..5….3 simple
Language problems..SI/CI,,Train..pipe and cistern.


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