“Bhavantar Bharpai”: Haryana became the first state in the country to provide “secured price” of vegetable crops to its farmers

The Haryana Government today launched country’s first ‘Bhavantar Bharpai’ a scheme which would come into effect on January through which the state government would compensate farmers for price deficit for agricultural produce in which tomato, onion, potato and cauliflower have been included.

Speaking after launching the scheme at Ganger village in Karnal today, the Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar said compensation at the rate of Rs 400 per quintal would be given for tomato and potato whereas Rs 500 per quintal would be given for onion and cauliflower.

He said his government launched the scheme to end the risk factor in the cultivation of vegetable crops”, also asking farmers to utilise the state government’s scheme for micro-irrigation.

The state government would make good the difference if and when the prices in the market go below the mentioned prices, he said and registered a tomato growing farmer under the Bhavantar Bharpayee e-Portal and Crop Cluster Development Programme, he said.

The scheme, which mirrors a similar project that the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh has launched to ensure farmers were compensated for their agricultural produce, comes at a time when there is deep dissatisfaction among farmers over the uncertain price of their crops.

The scheme will apply only to farmers growing vegetables.

Khattar announced a vegetables and fruits mandi in a 600-land—the biggest such market in Asia— in Gannaur in Sonepat.

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