Attempt More than 60 in SBI PO Prelims – A Strategy

Hello and welcome to exampundit.I’m sharing how I attempt. U can modify it as per ur flexibility.
I start wd eng then quant n finally reasoning.

Kal k liye my suggestion to u wud be-

Eng – 10-12 min

Attempt phrasal correction, Cloze test and syno n anto frm d passage.

Try not to read RC so as to save Tym.

This way u cn easily attempt 20-22 qs

Next quant- give 25 min

Solve approx, quadratic, series n DI.

misc ws frm ages, partnership, profit and loss are easy.


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Don’t waste time anywhere. If u r nt able to make any ws then skip that immediately wdout giving a second thought.

Misc qs frm ages, profit and loss and partnership are also easy.

This way u may attempt 22-27 qs in 25 min easily.

Next n final is reasoning- give remaining 23-25 min

Attempt misc qs first. Around 14 they are and all are doable. In the remaining time attempt any easy puzzle.

If u still Hv time then try another puzzle but don’t start wd puzzles first. Else u may loose ur calm if u won’t be able to make it in Tym.

This way u may attempt 19 qs easily

And in all u may attempt 63-68 qs wd ease.

Hope it ws helpful.

Do share ur review tomorrow.

Godspeed 🙂


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