Ask The Mentor – 15 September, 2016


Hello and welcome to exampundit . Here is the Daily Page where you can ask any question related to your Exam, Materials, Career or anything.

If you have any query regarding our Materials, Exam preparation Tip or any Unresolved Problems(which are not copied from other portals), just drop it in the comment box.


In case you have answers for someone else’s query, please resolve it asap.

  1. Mentor from exampundit [SSC] – S Dixit
  2. Mentor from exampunditAnubhab
  3. Mentor from exampunditGaurav Monga
  4. Mentor from Aspirants: the fighter
  5. Mentor from Aspirants: Baahubali
  6. Mentor from Aspirants: Chitrarth
  7. Mentor from Aspirants – Optimus Prime

Nisha Gautam still and will be a Mentor 🙂

Rules for Ask The Mentor Page (In short ATM Page):
1) The first one to Comment Good Morning, he/she shall be replied with a greeting. No need to post new comments as Good Morning.
2) If you want to share something,
↳ a) if it is not lengthy, post there in ATM Page
     ↳ i) Make sure it is not a quote or story
b) if it is a long passage, mail us at [email protected]
3) If there are no results coming up(major ones), no need to share quotes and increase comments. How you help, is what really matters not how many quotes you are sharing
4) You can Chat in ATM Page only if you
   ↳(a) Help everyone in the page
      (b) Participate in Quiz on a Regular Basis
      (c) Contribute by providing helpful materials
5) Everyone here is hoping to have a peaceful job to settle his/her career, so HELP EACH OTHER rather than Motivating.

If you want to share anything with us, kindly shoot an email to [email protected]


Team ExamPundit

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