Ask The Mentor – 13 March 2018

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  • Good Morning.

    • Pal-avi :)

      Mngzzzz 🙂 have a blessed day :))

      • Kal kaha thi?

        • Pal-avi :)

          Was busy in frnd’s wedding 🙂

    • Shalini Dwivedi

      Very good morning 🙂

      • Very very Good Morning 🙂

    • DAS

      Good morning Dada
      Have a magnetic fascinating Day:)))

      • Morning 🙂 Aaj bhi Magnetic

        • DAS


    • !!! [email protected] High !!!

      gud mrng :))))

    • Ak$hita $inghal


      • Morning 🙂 Thoda FB me ping karna

    • NUMERO UNO..!!!

      Gud mrng sir..!!

    • Tanmay Deshpande

      Gm dada 🙂

    • sha2nk

      Good Afternoon..Dada bhai.

    • akira

      Gud afternoon sir

  • Sunne me aya NABARD Grade A aa raha he aaj ya kal :/

    • DAS


      • 90+

        • DAS

          sbi po will come or not?????

          • Yes. 99.99% | .01% tentative.

          • DAS

            ji sukriya:))

    • Shalini Dwivedi

      Haa dada maine newspaper notification dekha tha but site has no info about it

      • Kaha?

        • Shalini Dwivedi

          Fb group mein

          • Haan woh to maine bhi dekha. Wanted to know the newspaper name

          • Tanmay Deshpande

            Nabard walo ne careers k tab par fake notiftn se aware kiya hai
            matlb abhi jo ghum raha wo fake hi hoga

          • screenshot de

          • Kaha chala gaya mere bhai

          • Tanmay Deshpande

            Wo link open kar raha hu jabase
            kuch ni ho raha

          • Shalini Dwivedi

            That fake aware notification is old

          • Tanmay Deshpande

            Ohh achaa

    • Tanmay Deshpande

      92 vacancy ka notifctn aaya hai
      but fake hai lag raha
      site pe kuch ni
      nly ek image spread ho rahi

      • Lekin main Hindi/English dono dekha

        NABARD ko call kiya tha, toh HR Dept ne bola that “aap thoda wait kijiye, site pe nazar rakhiye”…………lekin newspaper notification sahi he ya galat yeh nahi bola 😛

  • Arey Pandey Ji 🙂