About JAIIB or Diploma in Banking & Finance (for Non-Members)

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is an article shared by our very own Ketan Thakur om Diploma in Banking & Finance (DB & F) – For non-members or Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Banking ( JAIIB) – For members.


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Here it goes.

Any bank employee can be member of Indian
Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF).

IIBF provides with knowledge gaining courses for bankers and alike. There are 2
main flagship courses after completion of which a banker is eligible for an
increment as well as promotion score.

They are JAIIB & CAIIB (Certified Associate of IIBF)

POs – 1 increment each for passing JAIIB and CAIIB

Clerks – 1 increment for passing JAIIB & 2 increments for passing CAIIB.

Now the purpose of writing this article is to create awareness among banking
aspirants who are:

1. Yet to crack PO/Clerk exams (Don’t worry you guys will crack the exams very
soon) J


2. Who after clearing bank exams are awaiting joining formalities (GOD knows
when a bank gives joining as they are allowed to give joining till 31st
march of following year) L

So you might be thinking if these exams are
for bank employees, then why are you reading it?

Well there is a course named Diploma in Banking & Finance (DB & F)
which is equivalent to JAIIB. You can appear for it and clear it even before
being a bank employee.

Once you are officially a bank employee, you just have to apply for IIBF
membership and get your DBF certificate converted to JAIIB certificate and
enjoy the monetary (1 increment) as well as non monetary benefits (respect
among peers).

There is one more advantage of clearing (DB & F) exam to the aspirants who
are yet to appear for upcoming bank exams. That is Banking Knowledge or Banking
Awareness as you call it. Yes few more marks over people ignoring banking

Here is the link. Next exam should be in November 2017 and registrations should
be in August or September 2017.


That’s all folks.



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