Abhinav’s Reasoning Challenges for Bank PO Exams 2016 – 4 August, 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit . So here is the first set of Abhinav’s Reasoning Challenges for Bank PO Exams 2016.

The rules are same as the fighter’s puzzle challenges(which is coming back soon).

Abhinav will conduct and help everyone along with the fighter who will monitor/feature/delete any other comments.

Puzzle 1:

Five friends Pawan, Qureshi, Rajan, Sultan and Tango are Musician, Architect, Doctor, Engineer and Artist by profession and like White, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green colour but not necessarily in that order. Their hobbies are Net Surfing, Gardening, Reading, Painting and Dancing but not necessarily in the same order.          

The person whose hobby is dancing preferred lemonade to cola while others preferred cola to lemonade in beverages.                          
The four friends who took cola were Pawan, the one who is an Engineer, the person whose favourite colour is Green and the one whose hobby is net surfing.                                                                                              
Sultan did not take lemonade and his favourite colour is White.                                                                                    
Qureshi’s favourite colour is Blue. He did not like lemonade.                                                                                    
Sultan clicks a picture of his friend who is an Engineer
Tango’s hobby is not painting, reading or gardening
Sultan clicks a picture of his friend who is an Engineer
The person whose favourite colour is Red likes painting and the person who is artist likes gardening      
Sultan is not a doctor. The person who is a doctor takes cola.

The person who is an Engineer likes Blue colour                                                                                                
The musician’s favourite colour is not Yellow. Rajan’s favourite colour is Green.


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Puzzle 2:

Arti, Baby, Chandni, Dolly, Esha, Falguni, Gopi and Himani are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit at four corners of the square while four sit in the middle of each of the four sides. The one who sits at the four corners face the centre of the table while those who sit in the middle of the sides faces outside.
Each of them likes a different subject – Mathematics, Hindi, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History and Geography. (None of the information given is necessarily in the same order)

Chandni sits third to the left of the person who likes Geography.The one who likes Geography faces
outside.There are only two persons sit between Chandni and Himani.                                                                      
Dolly sits on the immediate left of the one who likes Physics. Gopi does not likes Physics                          
Esha likes History. Esha is not immediate neighbour of Arti.                                                                                                  
The person who likes Hindi is an immediate neighbour of Esha                                                                                          
The person who likes Biology is an immediate neighbour of Falguni.                                                                                      
The one who likes Mathematics sits in the immediate right of Himani.
The one who likes Chemistry sits second to the right of Gopi.
G is neither an immediate neighbour of Himani nor Chandni. Gopi does not like Geography.                                                                                
There is only one person sits between Arti and the one who likes Chemistry.


Team ExamPundit