7 Basic Ways to Improve Calculation Speed in Maths

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. In the recent time, the most Common Problem among the aspirants is “TOUGH” maths in Exam. When we look closer to the term “tough” we notice tons of “calculative” problems. Quantitative Aptitude has evolved into a highly calculative section.

This probably have been the reaction of people who set the questions for Exams in recent times. Moving on to the point. We will sharing 5 Basic mantras to Improve your calculations. This will boost your score in DI(At least we hope so).

So lets get started.

1. Get up in the morning and do the
Maths Yoga:

It might sound hard, impossible to some, but it will
definitely increase the rate of calculations. Get up early in the morning. Go
out for a walk, spend 30 minutes outside and comeback. Sit with the calculative
problems and you will notice a lot of speed. For the night owls, it will be the
opposite though. But still Maths in the Morning is the best thing.

2. Start with the Easy Ones – For Beginners

Don’t go beyond your capability. It might take days to
increase your level, but Slow and Steady wins the race. Start with the basics,
start with the older, easier sums and practice them.

3. Do the simplifications.
Practice and practice a lot of Simplifications. Doing
plenty of simplifications will help you to score more in all the sections of
Quantitative Aptitude.

4. Basic Maths – Division, Subtract, Multiplication,
Conversion of decimal to fraction and Vice Versa
Again, a very basic trick for the expert but not for the
beginners. Get your smartphone, set the TIMER to 3 minute and try to solve 20
Basic Sums, increase it, the day it reaches 60+ you will not need to do this
step anymore.
5. Observe, Decide, Execute

As one of the psychiatrist of Harvard University said, that If
you spend a little time Observing the problem and then decide what to do, you
will be able to do it a lot faster.
6. Do the Mental Maths for 1 Hour

Doing Maths mentally will increase the speed. Brain will be
more aware of the calculation methods, and it will easily execute the process
when you need. In the early days, people did this way to calculate millions of
stuffs. Doing this each day, will increase it. But DON’T Expect it increase
1. Calculate, Average Cricket scores
India is filled with Cricket Websites, Cricket Scores,
Cricket tournaments. Why don’t you cash them for your benefit?
Check the Cricket Scores, those are quite big in numbers,
and perform Average, Substraction, Multiplications and things which YOU WILL
NEED IN EXAMS. Spending time on Calculating Strike Rate, D/L Method is
worthless, so DON’T DO THEM!
Else, you can take NCERT Book Keeping Books and Do the
Import & Export Sums from them.

2. Add Car Numbers and Divide by

ANOTHER, Junk Method. While you travel, you can count car
numbers and divide, multiply by the cars you saw. It will boost your memories,
calculation speed. But make sure you are not doing these while walking or
crossing the roads.
Math is always a VERY TOUGH section for all. Now that the
standard has increased, you must spend some time with Math. So, do them. If you
have any Idea of YOUR OWN(not copied) kindly share in the comment section.
Thanks for reading.


Team ExamPundit


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