5 Common Errors in Descriptive Test with their Solutions

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we are sharing 5 Common Errors in Descriptive Test with their solutions. This will be important for upcoming IBPS PO, OICL AO & AIC AO examinations.

5 Common Errors in Descriptive Test with their Solutions

Shortening of Words

Well, it has been a very common issue and we edit them before publishing so that nobody complains. What exactly is the problem? We have notice many of you write “Govt.” “Cos” “Cause” “Bt”. These are not appealing, rather your essay will look dull, no matter what you have written.

What you should do?

Do not use these kinds of words. Use government instead of govt, because instead of cause, companies instead of cos. In this way, your essay will fetch more marks.


Punctuation Error

A silly yet harmful error is irregular spaces, wrong punctuation. To make this clear, we are giving one example.

“IBPS PO will have Essay and Letters  . I cannot waste time will prepare from tomorrow.” – Essay is in singular, extra space before full stop and comma missing.

Correct – “IBPS PO will have Essays and Letters. I cannot waste time, will prepare from tomorrow.”

What you should do?

Focus on your punctuation, letters and if you are giving unnecessary space. The overall essay will fetch you a lot of marks.


Spelling Errors

Another very common error is misspell or typing error in case of online exam. Typing too fast is the main reason behind spelling errors. At the exam hall, you will not get so much time to check each and every word.

What you should do?

Keep an eye while typing at home. Practice and sincerity makes us perfect. So concentrate when you type.


Conclusion in the Descriptive Test

While concluding the essay, many of you have used 2 paragraphs. This is totally unnecessary. As said earlier, your conclusion should be neat, short and in one single paragraph.

What you should do?

Make your Conclusion simple, neat and short. Your conclusion should have your view on the whole topic. It should not have any confusion. You have to make it clear.

Understand the Topic of Descriptive Test

In the recent topic, Right to Privacy, most of the aspirants did not understand the exact meaning of the topic. Hence most of the aspirants wrote irrelevant points to justify their views.

What you should do?

Understand the topic and stick to it. If you are running out of valid points, then don’t add naive ones. Its not about how lengthy your letter or essay is, its all about a strong message and to the point composition.


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