3 Important Points to help you Crack NIACL Assistant 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. With 984 vacancies, NIACL Assistant 2017 have attracted
thousands of applications. Right now many are focused on SBI PO and many are
still wondering how should they approach NIACL Assistant. After going through
some important factors that will help you to give your best we are listing down
3 Important Points which will help you to give your best in NIACL Assistant

1. Vacancies: 1st
and most important thing to remember is the number vacancies. Not overall, but
for the state you have applied for.
You have to work according to the number of vacancies in
your applied state. Always remember, You just need ONE VACANCY to crack. But
honestly, the competition is much tougher when the vacancies are low in
For eg. If state XYZ has 6 vacancies but the number of
aspirants from the state is high, then there is a definite scenario of tough competition.
On the other hand, the same vacancies for a state with lower applicants will
have less competition compared to XYZ.
Again, if you belong to ABC state which has 100 vacancies,
the competition will be much different from the XYZ state.
So you should always keep in my mind and be aware of the
competition in your state.
2. Targeting High Score:
We have previously witnessed how high the cut-offs went in Assistant &
Clerk exams. So it is always recommended that you target the maximum in NIACL
Assistant 2017.
NIACL Assistant 2017 will not have any Interview. So, you
have to focus on fetching Maximum Marks.
Both the prelims & mains exam don’t have any sectional
timings. So you must attempt as much as possible in order to be on the safe
So, when you are going for Prelims, we recommend you to
attempt as much as possible. If you can, you should attempt 90+. Because the
exam is expected to be somewhere near IBPS Clerk Prelims 2016. Similarly, in
mains too, you have to go after the maximum. How much you need to target for
mains will be shared soon.

Score more with a

3. Strategies are Important: In
order to achieve the point no. 2, one must have a good strategy. Your strategy
is always your key to clear the exam. It does not have to be approved by
everyone but it should in every way help you to achieve the target.
Since the examination has no sectional timings, you have to
be careful how are you spending your time. Too much time on few problems or one
subject will damage the whole examination.
You must prepare a strategy which will help you to score
good in every subject.
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So what you should do right now, 1. Start preparing with a
nice strategy and 2. Target as much as possible.
Hard & Smart work will always pay off. So have faith, be
focused. You will definitely make it.

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Team ExamPundit