10 Important Tips for BOB Manipal Group Discussion 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Today we are sharing 10 Important Tips for BOB Manipal Group Discussion 2017 which will definitely help you to perform better in the GD round.

We will also provide Important GD topics for BOB Manipal 2017.


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What does a Group Discussion decide?

1. Communication Skills
2. Reasoning Skills
3. Appreciation
4. Team Work
5. Body Language
6. Presence of Mind

Important things to remember to Ace the GD:

1. Always pay heed to what others saying in the GD. If you stay casually for the most of the time in GD then your chances reduce drastically.

2. Let others finish. Yes, GD is sort of a debate, but a healthy one. So basically if you start interrupting others then it is a sign of your impatient behavioural trait. 

3. Disagreeing all the time reduces your chances. Basically if you disagree to a strong 

4. Understand that the aim is not to speak often or for long periods. The aim is to be precise and clear with your points. Ultimately, the discussion has to reach a conclusion and you must strive towards that.

5. Introduction should be polite and formal. You are not some Bollywood Hero who will stun everybody. You are one of the members who will be giving their Thoughts in a fair and polite way.

6. General Awareness is very important to ace any GD. You have to have the basic and a little moderate info about the topic you are going to discuss on.

7. In case if you don’t have the proper knowledge about the topic, you must gather from what others are saying.

8. Be confident, but don’t be over confident. You might face situation where you are unaware of things being discussed in the GD but you have to use your presence of mind and your confidence to give a good impression. Over-confidence leads to Quarrel and Foul-mouthing.

9. You should not be repeating what you have said earlier. Try to improvise your opinion if you are running out but do not repeat the exact earlier statement.

10. Try to conclude the discussion. If you successfully give a conclusion to the discussion then it is a great boost for your selection. So try to find out the most logical statement which can conclude the GD. However, in case you are unable to conclude, then don’t debate excessively.


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Team ExamPundit