You need to Better than the Competition

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Every time the result of any competitive exam declared, there are a few
happy faces of aspirants who managed to clear the exams. Their hard work has
been rewarded and they are all charged up for a good career ahead.

But after the result of every exams there are many sad faces of
aspirants who failed to clear their exams and when they face failure, they get shattered.
Many aspirants get into depression and get demotivated about their failure. They
felt like this is the end. Every bad thing happened only with them. How to face
their family and friends? You thought that you are good for nothing. Your
family, relatives and friends thought that you are a failure. You don’t want to
do anything now.
In competition there is a process of selection not
rejection, those who are not selected are not rejected. The mantra for
selection in the competition-
You need to be better than the competition.

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If you want to cry, cry, if you want to take out your
anger do it but when you feel it’s right then analyse your mistake, see where
it went wrong. Change your plan because last one didn’t work. Start from
scratch. I know it is very hard to motivate yourself to study same thing again
and again, so change your method.  Try to
identify your strengths and weaknesses, make your own study plan. It’s only you
who can decide your fate, no one else will, trust me.
I know it sounds preachy but I went
through the same phase and still dealing with it. I’ve                        been in situations so
bad that others might just feel like I can’t do anything in the future and that
I am a failure. I would be lying if I said that the thought never entered
my mind. It did. It always does. I always brushed it off and never think about
it again. It was difficult at first. Now, whenever I get these thoughts, I
ignore them. They haunt me over and over again. I ignore. For once, I felt
ignorance is bliss. 
So pull up your socks and work hard for whatever your position
you want to achieve.
Success delayed is not success denied.

All the best.

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