UIIC AO – Descriptive Contest – Part 1

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is the very first Descriptive Contest for UIIC AO 2016.

This is the first one, so relax and give your best. No need to panic.


  1. Indian Insurance Sector needs innovation
  2. Forest Fire – Natural or Man Made Disaster
  3. Indian Government’s role in Tax Haven


  1. Make it short and simple – 250-320 words
  2. Do not copy paste from other places – If found, it will not be evaluated
  3. Try to maintain a watch. Cheating here is cheating yourself.
  4. Do Not mention any Controversial topic or Abusive word

Below is the link and form to submit your Answers. You can choose only One.

Click here, if you are unable to view above form.

Results will be published on 17 May, 2016. Best Essays will be featured in the new Descriptive Chest.

The last date is 15th May, 2016.


Team ExamPundit