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Freedom to me is when we can actually feel
that we are free and part of this constitution, when we actually get the belief
that this constitution is for the people, by the people and to the people means
plans being put on paper actually get structured and beneficiary are we the
people of India who elect our representative and send them to the highest
temple of constitution, “The parliament”.
Freedom to me is when each and every
citizen from this country can sleep with a full stomach and is not dependent on
the mercy of few rich and wealthy who could feed them.
Freedom is when each and every citizen can
walk free in each and every direction and corner of this country without having the
fear of being asked the question who is he? Which part of the country he comes
Freedom to me is when people raise above
the divide of status and everyone had equal right and opportunity to get the
basic things food, shelter and clothes for which we are striving for past 68
Freedom to me is when each girl gets equal
love, opportunity and respect that the boy get in our male dominated society.
Freedom to me is when each and every female
come back home safely even at mid night and go out anytime like a free bird
without any fear of being molested or getting rapped.
Freedom to me is when each and every
citizen of this country gets this going so that we can actually say that we are
free. I wish each and every citizen of my country get freedom to live safe,
secure, educated and happy. 🙂


Team ExamPundit


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