Hello and welcome to ExamPunditLadies, have you ever wondered
“Where did I leave my keys?’’ or “How did I put on this weight when I was
dieting till the last week? Or “How am I broke much before the end of the

Wondering is a part of womanhood
and it comes as a manifestation of the several responsibilities one has to
endure in the name of ADULTHOOD. Believe it or not, women have the most
perplexing adulthood one can imagine. The work pressure is high, maintaining
the stereotypical beauty norms are higher and the constant reminder of settling
down and having kids reaches the zenith.
With all the weight of the world
she moves, she walks and sometimes she runs. No matter how monotonous the rat
race gets, she is always successful in bringing a refreshing perception to it.
She wins the day by her diligence, sagacity and the will to not give up. Women
who made history never gave up regardless of the situation. United they stood
with the sparkle in their eyes for a better tomorrow where they aren’t
considered less than their male counterparts.
Did you know Elizabeth Cady
Stanton, a leading figure in women’s suffrage in America was mother of seven
children and she would write speeches for Susan B. Anthony, another prominent
figure of women’s suffrage in America, while Anthony baby sat Stanton’s
children? Going against all the odds they did attain their target without
giving up. In fact in the early 1800s, in most states in USA, women could not
have custody of their own children. According to state laws, children
“belonged” to the husband. Not until the 1840s, when women began to
organize to obtain legal rights and gradually laws began to change, could women
own property in their own right after marriage, or obtain custody of their own
We did come a long way from women
inequality being a notable phenomena. In the recent times just not in USA also
in some countries over the world Women are treated equally according to law.
Bills have been proposed and Acts has been passed in several countries for the
same. However the scenario is not a cake walk as it looks like. Despite being
in the regulations women are not treated equally at most fields. Dowry cases
and extortion cases are heard almost everyday. Harassment of different sorts is
also not far when it comes to women.
Lack of awareness that a woman
can suffice in a testosterone filled world and accomplish herself is one the
main reasons equality is denied at most parts. Of course, we need laws and acts
to consolidate the position of women but everything will be in vain without the
active support of everyone regardless their genders. A woman needs a man’s
support as much a man needs a woman’s support in order to attain their
respective goals. It works both ways instead of one.
To all the women,
Happy International Women’s Day.




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