Strategy For WBSEDCL Office Executive 2016 – CPT

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditIts really late but you know, its better late than never
right? Well, lets get started.

Tomorrow starts WBSEDCL Office Executive 2016 CPT. We will
be giving a strategy based on last year’s exam.
The marks will be less than last year. However, the question
type and length will possibly be the same as previous.
Now, how tough it is for a person who don’t have a MCA or
Sort of Degrees? Honestly, not very easy, not very tough, its above moderate
level. So time management will play a very crucial role in this CPT.
Last year, the time was 30 minutes for 50 marks. This year,
its 20 marks, so the time will possibly be less than previous year. We would
highly recommend you to keep 15 minutes in mind. At least it will make you
On the other hand, the version of MS Office was 2007 in both
2014 and 2015 exams. So, we hope it is the same this year.
Many have asked, if there is a cut-off in CPT. Yes,
obviously, many will not make through CPT.
The best strategy to score maximum is going after Excel,
then you should go for PowerPoint and at last go after MS Word.
MS Word consumes a lot of time, hence it is advised by one
of the last year’s successful candidate, that you should follow the above
strategy for CPT.
All the best.
May the Force be with You.


Team ExamPundit


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