Stock GK Topics for Bank and Insurance Exams in 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. A lot of candidates have requested us to provide the list of Stock GK Topics they need to study for the upcoming IBPS Clerk V, IBPS PO V, IBPS RRB and all the other Banking and Insurance Exams. So here are the top 20 Stock GK Topics You need to study properly to get some good marks.

to Cover
  1. Historical Monuments (Eg. Taj Mahal)
  2. Temples/Mosque/Any Other Famous Religious Place Both India
    and World
  3. State/UT Capitals
  4. State/UT Symbols (Animals/Trees)
  5. International Newspapers/Magazines
  6. Currency and Capitals of Various Countries
  7. Power Plants
  8. Bird/Wildlife Sanctuaries
  9. National Parks
  10. International Airports
  11. Cricket/Football Stadiums
  12. International News/Press Agencies (Not Newspapers)
  13. Dams in India
  14. Important Dams/Monuments Across the world
  15. Days & Observance
  16. Important Rivers/Lakes in India/World
  17. First to win Awards
  18. Mountains and Hills in India
  19. Largest Productions by Countries
  20. Governors of Indian State/UTs
  21. Stock Exchanges Around The World and their Indexes
We have provided PDFs for Most of the Topics. So please use the search box to find your file.


Team ExamPundit


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