SSC CGL 2017 – General Knowledge Quiz – 25 Questions Set – 7

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1. What is the element that is in the highest percentage in
the composition of the earth?
(A) Silicon
(B) Oxygen
(C) Magnesium
(D) Iron
2. Who was the Speaker of the First Lok Sabha?
(A) Hukum Singh
(B) G.V. Mavalankar
(C) K. M. Munshi
(D) U.N. Dhebar
3. Which cricket team has won the 2016-17 Ranji Trophy
(A) Chhattisgarh
(B) Gujarat
(C) Mumbai
(D) Tamil Nadu
4. What does the term Dolby B or Dolby C printed on
tape-recorders indicate?
(A) Frequency Modulated System
(B) Amplitude Modulated System
(C) Noise Reduction Circuit
(D) Both DC and AC power can be used
5. M.C. Setalvad, B.N. Rao and Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer were
distinguished members of the-
(A) Swaraj Party
(B) All India National Liberal Federation
(C) Madras Labour Union
(D) Servants of India Society
6. Which variety of glass is heat resistance?
(A) Hard glass
(B) Flint glass
(C) Pyrex glass
(D) Bottle glass
7. Which one of the following legislations does not deal with
the protection of environment?
(A) The Water (Cess) Act, 1977
(B) The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980
(C) The Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991
(D) The Port Laws Amendment Act, 1997
8. Which committee has recently recommended quota for girl
students in IITs?
(A) Abhijit Sen committee
(B) Timothy Gonsalves committee
(C) D M Dharmadhikari committee
(D) Sumit Bose committee
9. A boy standing at the point O in the given diagram throws
a ball three times with the same force, but projecting it along different inclinations
from the ground. The results of the throws have been plotted in the diagram.
Which one of the following is a valid conclusion?
(A) The larger the initial inclination, the longer the throw
(B) The larger the height reached, the longer the throw
(C) The larger the height reached, the shorter the throw
(D) The larger the initial inclination, the greater the
height reached
10. Which of the following planet takes maximum time for one
revolution around the Sun?
(A) Earth
(B) Jupiter
(C) Mars
(D) Venus
11. Which are the largest fixator of solar energy?
(A) Bacteria
(B) Protozoa
(C) Fungi
(D) Green plants
12. Consider the following taxes:
1. Corporation tax
2. Customs duty
3. Wealth tax
4. Excise duty
Which of these was/were indirect taxes?
(A) 1 only
(B) 2 and 4
(C) 1 and 3
(D) 2 and 3
13. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of Tata Sons?
(A) Natarajan Chandrasekaran
(B) Noel Tata
(C) Indra Krishnamurthy
(D) Nowroji Saklatwala
14. Domestic electrical wiring is basically a-
(A) Series connection
(B) Parallel connection
(C) Combination of series and parallel connections
(D) Series connection within each room and parallel
connection elsewhere
15. The largest coral reef in the world is found near the
coast of which one of the following countries?
(A) Australia
(B) Cuba
(C) Ghana
(D) Philippines
16. Which of the following structures present in mammalian
skin directly helps in keeping the body warm?
(A) Pigmented cells
(B) Sweat glands
(C) Lymph vessels
(D) Blood capillaries
17. During which Five Year Plan was the Emergency clamped,
new elections took place and the Janata Party was elected?
(A) Third
(B) Fourth
(C) Fifth
(D) Sixth
18. How much interest rate will be offered by Airtel Payments
Bank on savings accounts deposits?
(A) 7.25%
(B) 7.50%
(C) 7.75%
(D) 7.52%
19. Which among the following fishes lives mostly in the
ocean but during reproduction goes to fresh water stream?
(A) Hilsa and Herring
(B) Hilsa and Salmon
(C) Hilsa and Eel
(D) Eel and Cod
20. Mekong Ganga Co-operation Project is:
(A) An irrigation project involving India and Myanmar
(B) A joint tourism initiative of some Asian countries
(C) A hydroelectric power project involving India, Bangladesh
and Myanmar
(D) A defence and security agreement of India with its
eastern neighbours
21. The Jain philosophy holds that the world is created and
(A) Universal Law
(B) Universal Truth
(C) Universal Faith
(D) Universal Soul
22. The 93rd Constitution Amendment deals with the-
(A) Continuation of reservation for backward classes in
government employment
(B) Free and compulsory education for all children between
the age of 6 and 14 years
(C) Reservation of 30 percent posts for women in government
(D) All of the above
23. In India, the steel production industry requires the
import of
(A) Saltpetre
(B) Rock phosphate
(C) Coking coal
(D) All of the above
24. FORTRAN is:
(A) File Translation
(B) Format Translation
(C) Formula Translation
(D) Floppy Translation
25. How did the Mughal Emperor Jahandar Shah’s reign, come to
an early end?
(A) He was deposed by his Wazir
(B) He died due to a slip while climbing down the steps
(C) He was defeated by his nephew in a battle
(D) He died of sickness due to drinking alcohol

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Answers with Explanation

1. (B)
2. (B) G. V Mavalankar (1952-56),
Hukum Singh (1962- 67); K.M. Munshi and U.N. Dhebar were never the Speakers of
the Lok Sabha.
3. (B) The Gujarat cricket team
won their firstever Ranji Trophy title in the 2016-17 season after defeating
Mumbai by 5 wickets in the final at the Holkar stadium in Indore, Madhya
Pradesh. The 2016-17 Ranji Trophy was the 83rd season of the Ranji Trophy, the
premier first-class cricket tournament in India.
4. (C) Dolby B and C are the
noise reduction circuits developed by Dolby laboratories. Dolby noise reduction
has made it possible to protect the music from tape noise, and helped make
cassette the most popular audio product ever devised.
5. (D) The Servants of India
Society was formed in Pune, Maharashtra, on June 12, 1905 by Gopal Krishna
Gokhale. All are related to this organization.
6. (C)
7. (A) The Water (Cess) Act, 1977
related to water and irrigation and not the protection of environment.
8. (B) The committee under the
chairmanship of professor Timothy Gonsalves has recently recommended
reservation for girl students in IITs to address the issue of slump in the
number of female students entering the prestigious institutes. The
recommendation of the committee will be taken up in the meeting of the Joint
Admission Board (JAB) for a final decision, which will decide whether the
reservation will come in effect from 2017 or from 2018. The number of seats for
male candidates will not be affected and this will help IITs achieve the one
lakh target by 2020. Also, only candidates who have already qualified in
JEE-Advance will be considered.
9. (D) For a body in projectile

Thus, according to above equation
greater the initial inclination. The greater is the height reached.
10. (B) Jupiter takes 11.8618
Earth years to complete a single orbit of the Sun. In other words, a single
Jovian year lasts the equivalent of 4,332.59 Earth days. Mercury takes just
87.97 days, Venus takes just 267 days, Earth takes just 365.26 days, Mars takes
just 686.98 days, Saturn takes just 10,755.7 days, Uranus takes just 30,687.15
days, Neptune takes just 60,190.03 days.
11. (D)
12. (B) Indirect taxes are the
charges that are levied on goods and services. Some of the significant indirect
taxes include Value Added Tax, Central Sales Tax, Central Excise Duty, Customs
Duty, stamp duties and expenditure tax. Property tax, Corporation tax and
Wealth tax are examples of direct taxes.
13. (A) Natarajan Chandrasekaran,
the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director (MD) of TCS, has been
appointed as the new chairman of Tata Sons. He is the first non-Parsi chairman
of Tata Sons and will take charge from Feb 21, 2017. His appointment comes
after the Tata sons removed Cyrus Mistry as the Chairman. Chandrasekaran is
only the third non-Tata after Nowroji Saklatwala and Cyrus Mistry to be named
as Tata Sons’ chairman.
14. (B) In a parallel circuit,
the voltage across each of the components is the same, and the total current is
the sum of the currents through each component. The wiring for most homes is
parallel. In parallel circuit each branch receives equal current. If one branch
in the circuit is broken, electric current will still flow in other branches.
15. (A) The largest coral reef is
the Great Barrier Reef, located just off the north-eastern coast of Australia.
The 1200 mile (1900 km) long reef is protected as a Marine Park.
16. (C)
17. (C) This all happened from
1975-78 during fifth five year plan, the period of which is (1974-78).
18. (A) Recently, the Airtel
Payments Bank has officially launched its nationwide operations in all 29
states of India. It is the India’s first payments bank and is a fully-digital
and paper-free bank. In it, the accounts will be opened by using e-KYC for
which customers’ Aadhar number will be required. The bank is offering a 7.25%
interest rate on savings accounts deposits and free personal accidental
insurance cover of Rs. 1 Lac on every saving account. One can access the
banking services by installing MyAirtel app on their smartphone or by
registering online through Airtel site.
19. (B)
20. (B) Mekong – Ganga
Cooperation (MGC) was established on November 10, 2000 at Vientiane in the
First MGC Ministerial Meeting. It comprises six Member countries namely, India,
Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. They emphasised four areas of
cooperation, which are tourism, culture, education, and transportation linkage
in order to be solid foundation for future trade and investment cooperation in
the region.
21. (B) Jain Doctrine is
“established” upon an undying universal truth. It was Rishabh Dev,
who first thought to realize the truth and achieve Kaivalya Gyan.
22. (B) According to 93rd
Amendment, every child of the age group of 6-14 years shall have right to free
and compulsory education. No child is liable to pay any kind of fee/ capitation
fee/ charges. A collection of capitation fee invites a fine up to 10 times the
amount collected.
23. (C) The coal found in India
is mainly of noncoking quality and hence coking coal has to be imported. 70% of
the steel produced today uses coal. Coking coal is a vital ingredient in the
steel making process.
24. (C) FORTRAN (Formula
Translation) is one of the earlier High Level programming languages used to
write scientific applications. It was developed by IBM in 1956.

25. (C) He was defeated by his
nephew, Farrukh Siyar with the help of Sayyid Brothers.


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