Section-Wise Preparation Strategy for OICL AO 2017 Prelims

With the OICL
AO 2017 prelims being conducted on 22 Oct, 2017 there is less than a month’s
time for candidates to buckle up and do their last minutes exam preparation.
You might have already finished the syllabus once by now. You can use the
following study plan to structure your revision for the OICL AO 2017 exam. This
section-wise study plan is brought to you by Oliveboard, an online exam
preparation platform that provides you unlimited practice options, online tests
along with conceptual content. Before that, let’s glance through the exam
pattern once.
English Language

English is not
much of a worry for those who are confident but it can be scary for the ones
who are not. The best way to tackle this is get all the grammar rules clear.
Refer to books like Wren & Martin and custom-made e-book like 100 important idioms to improve your hold on grammar.  
Practice a lot of
comprehension and always read carefully. This will improve your speed. Also,
always stick to the given comprehension for answers.
Reasoning Ability
This is one of
the sections that need constant practice. You can spend time on puzzles like
Sudoku, crossword puzzles etc. to train your brain to think logically. The
below order of study will be helpful,
  • Analytical
    Reasoning, Syllogisms
  • Coding –
    Decoding, Blood Relations, Number & Letter Series
  • Direction
    Sense, Logical Inequalities, Input/Output, Venn Diagrams
  • Full
    Length Mocks + Remaining Sectional Tests

Attempt a
substantial number of OICL AP mock tests
to improve your reasoning skills.

Aptitude Section
As much it is
important to learn all the concepts of Quant in OICL AO exam, it is equally
important to learn the concepts in order as most of the topics are
interdependent. You would need to understand one concept first to understand
the next. Therefore, brush up the basics of Arithmetic first – Percentage,
Profit & Loss and Interest.
First, attempt
questions on Quadratic Equations, Simplification and Approximation, then go for
Number Series. The DI questions are known to be calculation intensive. Hence, make
sure you practice that every day. This way, you will be able to ensure good
score for this section.
The goal in the
exam should be to clear the cut-off first and then to maximize the overall
score. Learn to manage your time well while talking the mock tests so that
you are confident for the actual exam.
Hope this helps.
We wish you all the best for the upcoming OICL AO 2017 exam.