SBI PO 2017 – Interview/GE Experience

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is an Interview Experience & GE/GD Experience of SBI PO 2017 shared by sunnydvino.

my interview was scheduled on 8th september in lho delhi. i reached on time after successful document verification we were called for gd/ge.

our gd topic was “is other sports being neglected in a cricket obsessed india”

the one who initiated really took a very long time to complete is point and everyone else followed the same ….eventually i also did the same…….expect 1-2 no one was able to speak twice before the end of 20 minutes

my points were yes we are a cricket obsessed nation due to which other sports are being neglected but if you analyse the situation the real reason i feel is the performance in cricket ……..we do not have many big names or performances in other sports like only saina nehwal and p.v. sindhu in badminton,sania mirza in tennis……..the reason of this is lack of professionalism and poor infrastructure in other sports so we need to work on infrastructure of other sports …….also the financial assistance to sports person of other sports is very poor eg. priyanka chopra earned more in the mary com movie than what mary com earned throughout her career so we need to work on that ……provide jobs to sports person after retirement as coaches,commentators etc………..someone interrupted here and my chance was gone

the group exercise topic was on how to curb rising food inflation and we all reached a common consensus …..but after that 1 person pointed that we can make a certain changes and rest of the time went on explaining him …….i don’t know we can call it a common consensus or not.


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i entered and greeted all the panel.

w1(head of panel)- you are from aktu …what is full form of aktu  ?
me- mam its APJ ABDUL KALAM university …..formerly UPTU .
m1- which college ?
W1- ohk lets play a game …i will say 1 word and you have to reply in one word whatever comes to your mind …are you ready?
me- ohk mam
(indira gandhi – “first female prime minister” , donald trump- “”,vladmir putin – russia , kim jong yung – north korean dictator ,rohingya- “need justice”) there were many but i forgot as it was going really fast i only remember the last ones …i did not answer only trump as i was not able to think any perfect word for him.

m1 – so you have done mechanical enginering ? what is robotics?
me- sir , robotics is  use of science to use machines for doing manual work to save time and efficiency  ….like in banking we have sbi chatbot , atm machines , pass books ,etc….alll these are examples of robotics

m2 – suppose your manager says i do not want any crowd in my branch …hoe will you do it ?

me – sir crowd means customers here?

m2 – yes

me – sir we will try to open maximum auto operable outlets at various places outside the branch….kind of a single machine which can perform atm transactions , print passbook and other parts of basic banking …since basic banking actually includes accepting deposits and lending ….so we can try to have some technology inside that device so that customers can apply for loan in that device only which can later be verified by various bank officers

m3 – in which cities is coins minting done in india?

me- sir , noida ,kolkata ….and rest 2 i am not sure can i guess?

m3 – yes

me sir hyderabad and mumbai

m3- yes you are right …try to have confidence in yourself


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m4- recently sbi merger took place….which all banks were merged in sbi

me- sir, bmb and all sbi associates

m4 – name them

me- sir , state bank of patiala, state bank of bikaner and jaipur, state bank of mysore , …….and rest i am not able to recollect right now….

m5 – who is rbi governor ?

me- mr. urijit patel (m4 whispered dr.)

overall m4 looked not that much satisfied….rest were okk…….

when i came out and had chat with other members of panel 1 and 2 ….all were asked similar questions and duration was also same approx. 10 minutes

keeping fingers crossed ….all the best exampunditians 🙂


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