Pitch Report – IRDA Assistant 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditHere is the official Pitch Report of IRDA Assistant 2015.
Firstly, there is SECTIONAL CUT-OFF in IRDA ASSISTANT Exam. There is also
negative marking is present.

Type of Test
Number of
Test of Reasoning
Test of English Language
Test of General Awareness
Test of Computer Knowledge
Test of Numerical Ability
For reasoning, you need to practice basic to moderate level of problems.
Starting from basic questions such as, Direction Test, Blood Relation etc need
to be practiced with good speed. On the other hand, the Syllogisms,
Inequalities should be practice as they can be “tricky” at some
point. Coming to Puzzle and Seating Arrangements, you need to practice the
moderate ones and obviously the standard[1] ones. Don’t expect
reasoning to be tough neither to be a cake walk. But as most of the aspirants
have been preparing for PO exams as well, the reasoning won’t be confusing for
most of them.
Numerical Ability: For Numerical Ability, Calculations is vital. Simplifications
are expected to be moderate to good[2] level. So, you need to do a
lot of simplifications with a lot of calculations. Number Series is important,
you need to make sure you don’t waste time. The Arithmetic parts needs to be
done perfectly. There can be few questions which might be calculative and
sometimes confusing, so make sure you are ready for that.
English: Expect English to be moderately higher
than RBI Assistant but not very high. Comprehension can fetch you a lot of
marks, and you SHOULD TRY TO ATTEMPT. Because, a lot of candidates, in the
recent past have got very low marks. On the other hand, Sentence
Rearrangements, Cloze test and Fill in the blanks should be practiced same as
Assistant level exams. Make sure you have a good vocabulary stock and good
sense of grammar.
General Awareness: General Awareness need to be prepared from the magazine we
have provided for OICL.  Current Affairs
are need till 12th of August. On the other side, Insurance Awareness will have
a prominent presence as well as basic banking and general knowledge. So, make
sure you are studying Insurance Awareness. We have a lot of Insurance Awareness
PDF, you can easily search. For more, visit IRDA website.
Computer Knowledge: Basic Computer Knowledge will fetch good marks. Expect the
Computer Knowledge part to be basic and it is expected to contain basic
questions from OS, Networking, Acronyms and all the basic chapters.
Finally, the vacancy is low, so you need to attempt Good. By
“Good”, we mean, you need to attempt a good number of question
without any guesses.
  1. Reasoning – Easy – Moderate
  2. Numerical Ability – Moderate – Calculative
  3. English – Moderate – Easy
  4. GA – Moderate
  5. Computer Knowledge – Easy

[1] – Assistant Level
[2] – Slightly above Moderate level
Study Hard, Keep Calm. May the force be with you.


Team ExamPundit


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