New Rules – as of 2 March, 2016

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. So a lot of you have been participating in the quizzes. Many of you know the rules, some of you don’t know. So here are the NEW RULES of EP.

  1. Give the answer in the format we ask for. Otherwise, it is hectic to give marks.
  2. Never ever ever ever ever to the power ever Correct Anyone before answers are provided
  3. From now on We will Embed the Daily Ask The Mentor Page with the Quiz so Please Ask your queries there.
  4. Any random query/comment on quiz/PDF pages will be deleted without any warning.
  5.  Hi-Hello Casio? – Not allowed in the quiz pages. You can do whatever you want to do in the CA Page.
  6. “When are you going to update the answer, I am waiting since 1800” – Comments like these will be deleted because we wait for the “Regular Toppers” to give answers.
  7. If you are using Desktop/Laptop – Kindly check the side-bars, menus for all the materials.
  8. Personal Attacks to any of the candidates will not be entertained.

What if?

  1. You have asked in the ATM page and nobody answered? – You can just reply to @Anubhab in any page and ask him to visit the ATM Page.
  2. You are confused with some answer/explanation of the Quiz? – Use the ATM page with Quiz Set Number and Date and wait. Or you can ask in the comment section of the Quiz after answers are updated.
  3. You have missed out any PDF? – Ask the Mentor in the ATM Page.
  4. You posted a LINK and it went for Moderation? – That happens with any link. So ask the mentor to approve.

What we are allergic to?

  • Hi I am ABC I got 1000, Do I have chance? – Really hard to predict or say, thus we avoid
  • What will be the cut-off? – No Idea


Team ExamPundit


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