Motivational Monday Episode 12 – BE READY FOR NEW CHALLENGES

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Yet another season of exams has
started with a series of chances for us to change the dimensions of our lives
and add a new chapter in our story of life. This is the time to make the most
of the opportunities present in front of you. We all know it is going to be
full of challenges and surprises. So, are you ready for it?

First of all set some time aside for
self-evaluation. I am sure each of you must be working really hard towards your
dream job. But in this hustle, we sometime forget to evaluate and thus, divert
from our goals without even knowing. Self-evaluation is really important for
making sure that we are working in the right direction and also constantly
We are all aware that each exam comes
up with something new, something different. Sometimes, even the whole exam is
new. Still, there are some people out there who clear that exam and others keep
cursing the paper setter. Do you know the secret to their success? Their calm
attitude. Even after seeing the terrific question on their screens which they
have never solved before in their lives, they don’t panic in the exam hall.
They remain calm and then try to solve the questions.
Giving up should be totally out of
question. Not even for a micro second, should the thought of giving up come in
your mind. During your preparation, make yourself ready to face new challenges.
Don’t train your mind that only the questions that you are practicing would
come in exam. Tell your mind that whatever happens, whichever question is
given, I am not going to lose my mind and will try to solve every question with
all the strength and patience I have learned.
Get ready to grind and then it will
not be so shocking. And if you are nervous, it’s a good sign. It means you are
ready to face the challenge. Prepare yourself so much, that your
accomplishments surprise you at the end. The success is all yours if you are
not afraid to face new challenges, come what may!



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