Motivational Monday Episode 11 – THE LIGHT IS WITHIN YOU

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“For within you is the light of the world – the only
light that can be shed upon the Path. If you are unable to perceive it within
you, it is useless to look for it elsewhere. It is beyond you; because when you
reach it you have lost yourself. It is unattainable, because it forever
recedes. You will enter the light, but you will never touch the flame.”

People go
places in search of light. Some roam from here to there. Some take support of
meditation. Some even sacrifice their lives. But, the truth is the light is
within you! You need to open your eyes of heart to see it. You need to go
nowhere, just look into your own soul. And to do that you first need to take
over the control from your mind.
Our mind
is broadly divided into two main parts – right and left. The left is the
thinking brain and the right one is the decision making brain. Both are
interdependent on each other. You need to think right in order to take the
right decision and you need to make the right decision so as to keep thinking
further. One wrong decision can change a lot for you as a right one can.
You must
be wondering why suddenly I am giving you science class. Actually, I was
reading this article earlier (the excerpt of which is given at the starting)
where the writer talked about searching the light of your life and how the
brain works in that direction. I wanted to share it with you guys as it was
really motivational.
This mind
of ours is a really funny organ. It is always busy in calculating the pros and
cons of a situation and somehow that one is always more intriguing in front of
all the pros. Sometimes our mind has a mind of its own. We know the answer of a
particular question, we solved it so many times but still, our mind orders us
to choose the other option. I am sure every body of us must have faced this in
examination halls.

All I want
to say here is, don’t let the mind control you. Let it analyse the situation
but don’t let it turn the light in your heart into darkness. Even if there is
just a tiny little ray of shine, it should still be more powerful than all the
darkness of the world. You don’t need to make any extra effort. Just find the
source of light within yourself and it will change the way your mind makes you
look at life.



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Team ExamPundit