Last Minute Strategy for IBPS RRB OS-I Prelims 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. IBPS Exam season kicks off this Saturday
with IBPS RRB OS-I Prelims exam. A lot will be different from previous year due
the less number of vacancies, increase in the difficulty level and most
importantly the increasing number of applicants.

Over the past few years, IBPS
Bank Exams have gained massive popularity. This has changed the entire scenario,
from cut-offs to the difficulty level, and finally the entire pattern changed.
With this is ever changing format, an aspirant has to cover all of the stuffs.
We have full faith in you guys
and we do know that you have prepared fully. However, today we will be talking
about few important points to crack IBPS RRB OS-I Prelims 2017.
Expected Cut-off for IBPS RRB OS-I Prelims 2017: We never
predict cut-off after any exam and when it comes to predicting cut-off prior to
the examination, that is and will always be a Big No.
One of the worst things that you
can do to yourself is going to examination and keeping a predicted cut-off in
When it comes to IBPS RRB exams,
the cut-off is totally different from others. There are many factors which
decide cut-off in IBPS RRB exam
a) No. of Vacancies in state
b) No. of Applicants
c) Exam difficulty
So we request you guys to not
think about cut-off and just give your best in the examination.

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Expected Difficulty Level: Last year we witnessed a prominent
rise in the difficulty level of IBPS RRB OS-I. This year, we expect the same.
You need to have all the things prepared for prelims. However, don’t confuse
the prelims with mains and get demotivated.
For prelims, one must focus on
Time-management more than the difficulty level. Because simply, it won’t be
mains level and most of the aspirants have already practiced all the difficult
Prelims tests your time
management skills and filter aspirants for mains. So you have to manage time
properly and score maximum.
We recommend a few things to make
sure you score maximum with a proper management of time:
Do the easiest ones first
Do secure sectionals at first
Start off with your favorite
Keep the hard subject in the
Don’t get stuck in one question.
Don’t think too much
about how are you scoring/cut-off
Don’t try to score 40/40 in one subject, other
will be hampered
Don’t get disappointed if you fail to solve
one problem

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What are the things important in Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude?

  • Puzzles – Expect 4 puzzles in prelims
  • Inequalities
  • Syllogisms
  • Direction Test
  • Blood relation

Expect Puzzles to be time taking.
Quantitative Aptitude:
  • Table DI
  • PI Chart DI
  • Graph DI
  • Approximation
  • Series
  • Profit & loss
  • Average
  • Time & Work

Expect Word Problems to be calculative
and time taking.
All the best. It does not matter you
attempt 55 or 65 in the exam as long as your accuracy is high.
May the force be with you!


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Team ExamPundit