Interview & GD Experience – BOB Manipal 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is an Interview Experience shared by our follower “Yet another aspirant” of BOB Manipal 2017.

my interview was scheduled in ‘sarvodaya hotel’,patna as it is my hometown.

i was called at 2 pm but i reached at 1 pm (yet the last one to arrive).

after successful fingerprint and document verification our group of 8 members(1 was absent and 1 was not allowed due to fingerprint mismatch) was called for group discussion.

firstly we were all told to introduce ourselves one by one in short.(there was no language barrier we were free to speak either in hindi or english)

then we were given the topic ‘agricultural loan waiver is good or bad?’

we were given 1 minute to write on the topic and 1 minute to share our points individually. then the open discussion started.

i was against farm loan waiver (thanks to my regular editorial reading i had many points to share)

as expected gd became a fish market from starting so i decided to pull myself back . i attempted to speak 12-13 times and was successful 4 times. in my final attempt i kind of summarised the whole discussion where i told that there are 2 solutions and both should be implemented simultaneously .
1- for short term the interest rate should be further decreased and time period should be increased for those who are really in need of it.
2- for long term agricultural productivity should be increased with use of latest international technology so that we do not face such problem in future.(i knew that this is my last chance to speak so i did not want to waste it).

they were quite impressed with me even when i neither started the gd concluded it and they told the person who concluded that he should have included my points.

after gd we were called for personal interview by the same panel.(all conversation in hindi)

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M1- you are quite young.(my age is 23 most of aspirants were 26-28).
me – yes sir.
m1 – you have a different name why?
me – explained
m1- why banking after
me -explained
m1 – what have you done after
me- sir completed in july 2016 gave ibps exam but could not clear interview….
m1 – so you cleared written?? and after that…?
me – yes sir, sir after that i filled up form of bob and sbi and am giving bob interview and waiting for sbi interview date..
m1 – if you clear both , which one will you join?
me – sir , sbi
m1 – yaar tum to bahut jyada honest ho..(you are too honest….)
m1 what have you prepared for interview ?
me.- sir, monetary policy
m1 – do you know everything about banking ?
me – sir, i know basics of all but not in depth.
m1- what is the current exchange rate of dollar to rupees ..?
me – sir can i guess, i am not sure.
m1 yeah
me sir approx 63 rupees.
m1 correct ..tell me currency of 5 different countries.
me sir , dollar , pound, indian rupees , pakistani rupees , sri lankan rupees, …..(smiling)
all of them laughed 🙂
m1 no 5 different names with countries
me- usa-dollar,india- rupees, EU- pound, euro, china- renminbi,japan – yen.
m1- ok why all countries have different exchange rates…?
me – sir it is regulated by the central banks for export and import purpose.
m1 – no this is not the reason
me sir i dont know
M2- do you do online transactions ?
me- yes sir.
m2 – how?
me – sir with both laptop and mobile.
m2 – how do you secure your account that no one else does transaction on your behalf.
me – sir i do not share my otp with anyone. even if anyone knows my account no. and ifsc code but without otp he cannot complete the transaction
m2 – what if he gets your phone?
me – sir it is also secure
m2 – do you use screen lock ?
me yes sir
M3- do you know about sarfaesi act ?
me – yes sir, told full form, why was it brought in 2002 , and its functions.
m3 – explain practically
me – sir i have taken education loan and have given my land documents as guarantee…if do not repay my loan …then bank can take necessary action on my land according to sarfaesi act…
m3 – do you know about ibbi?
me – insolvency and bankruptcy board of india
m3- what is insolvency and bankruptcy
me- sir , insolvency is first stage and bankruptcy is second stage. basically in insolvency the company is not able to make any profit and in bankruptcy the company is lost.
m2- ok thankyou.
me- greeted all panel and left

(the whole conversation was in hindi, i am sorry if i could not translate it well)

all the best to all exampunditians…. 🙂


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Team ExamPundit