Interview Experience – IBPS IT Officer 2016

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an Interview Experience of IBPS IT Officer 2016 shared by Jignesh.

Name- Jignesh Patel

Location- Dena Laxmi Bhavan, Ahmedabad

Time- 1 pm

First of all they gave tea/coffee and biscuits to all candidates. IBPS officials are kind and very supportive. After thumb and document verification, they started interview at 2:30 pm.

My turn came at 5:00 pm as I was last. There were 7 panel members (6M+1F). Only 4 members have asked questions. Others were observers. My interview time duration was 8-10 mins.

( In Gujarati)
M1: 3 questions about family background. No introduction

M1: Have you appeared in any IBPS interview before?

M1: what did you prepare for interview?
Ans: basis banking terms, basic IT concepts, current news

F1: explain NPA

M1: Tell about nationalization..
Ans: explain all history.

(In English)
M2: why 3 years gap after BE?
Ans: Sir, I have done 1 year training from ISRO. After that I have started preparation for banking Exam.

M4: what is Job Profile of IT officer?
Ans: Data center maintenance, network security maintenance, ATM related servies..

M4: one question related to ATM
Ans: I don’t know.

Last, all wished me about result.

Thank You Ep..


Team ExamPundit


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