GA Questions Asked in LIC ADO 25 July

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the General Awareness and Current Affairs Questions asked in LIC ADO Exam on 25th July, 2015. Thanks to [email protected] for sharing all.

1) Indigo parent company name
2) WhatsApp acquired by
3) Who won world junior chess championship
4) BRICS president name
5) Currency of Bhutan
6) IMF HQ located where
7) Author of THE DA VINCI CODE is?
8) Who got noble prize.of children ryt in 2014
9) Who is appointed as the ambassador of VISIT by Britain.govt
10) Last census of India was counted when
11) IOC prez name
12) Intl REFUGEE day when
13) Madras atomic station location 
14) Till now how many Bharat ratna distributed
15) Full form of NREGA
16) Pravasi Bhartiya diwas date
17) UNSPA Award to which personality ..tell name?
18) ASHA was instituted by which ministry
19) SHRI all thanwla CM of which state
20) National AGRI market is establish for which purpose
21) OSCAR award 2015 name?
22) Pamdit vishwa mohan is player of which instrument?
23) India’s biggest employer name?


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