GA Questions asked in IDBI Manipal 2015 2nd August

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the GA QUestions asked in IDBI Manipal Exam today i.e 2nd August, 2015. Thank you Wazza and Bhatia 🙂

  1. Wimbledon winner in Male – Novak Djokovic
  2. India beat which country in South Asian basketball games – Sri Lanka
  3. MAx limit of deposits in Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account? – 50 Thousand
  4. max limit of deposite In sukanya samriddhi account in a year ?
  5. Which bank will not give the transaction slip
  6. Kanha National Park – Madhya Pradesh
  7. Israel currency – Israeli New Shekel
  8. tourism Hq
  9. Max limit that rbi can print currency note
  10. Who is not the governor of rbi
  11. Tuti power plant in TN was established by
  12. which one is not nationalised bank
  13. who secure the deposits in bank
  14. regulatory body of rrb
  15. 29th August is celebrated for which player? – Dhyan Chand
  16. Omar Sharif was died who was he
  17. Largest network of ATM provided by whom in india. * sbi was
    not in optn
  18. Teracotta museum in which country – China
  19. Capital of lakshadweep – Kavaratti
  20. Ashgabat – Capital of Turkmenistan
  21. Project Tatkal limit – 10 Days
  22. Tehri Dam is located in – Uttarakhand
  23. Patniop tunnel Project in which state – Jammu and Kashmir
  24. Speed pay was launched by? – BSNL
  25. product of npci. i.e rupay
  26. Limit of cash can be carried to Nepal – 25k
  27. repo rate reguled by whom
  28. largest river of asia
  29. CEO of niti ayog
  30. minister of commerce
  31. who is sunil nagpal
  32. nag missile
  33. children above which age can open their ac
  34. which bank launched MUDRA card – Corporation Bank
  35. Which country launched facial recognition ATM? – China
  36. varishta beema pension max amount
  37. Kisan vikas patr related 1 que
  38. which insurance scheme premium was 12 rs per annum


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