Expected Questions for SBI PO Mains 2015 – Finance/Banking – Part 2

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the part 2 of Expected Current Affairs Questions for SBI PO Mains 2015 based on Finance and Banking Current Affairs.

1. What was India’s Rank in Global Wealth 2015: Winning the Growth Game
report’s ultra-high-networth
– 4th
2. Based on the recommendations of Foreign Investment Promotion Board
(FIPB). Government has
approved 16
proposals of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) amounting to _______.
–  Rs 6,751 Cr
3. India recently emerged as the third largest FDI Source in 2014 of
– United Kingdom
4. Which bank recently launched 10-second personal loan disbursement
– HDFC Bank
5. HDFC recently launched a fast disbursing personal loan scheme. Under
the scheme the customer will
be able
to get the loan within ______.
– 10 Seconds
6. Which Public Sector Bank recently launched an Online Forex platform?
– State Bank of India
7. With which country did India launch India Unlimited entrepreneurship
– Sweden
8. India and Sweden recently launched India Unlimited platform to  ________.
–  promote Brand India
in Sweden and Brand Sweden in India
9. As per the Draft Guidelines of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, The sell
would be restricted to resident
entities and each entity cannot buy more than _______ per person per year.
– 500 Grams
10. As per the Draft Guidelines of Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, the
bonds will be issued in
denominations.  The minimum denomination will be ____.
– 2 Grams
11. Sovereign Gold Bonds will be issued on behalf of the Government of
India by which financial
– Reserve Bank of India
12. Ministry of Finance constituted a Task Force on Financial Redress
Agency (FRA). Who will be heading
task force?
– Dhirendra Swarup
13. As per the recent data, what is India’s rank in terms of
foreigners’ money in Swiss banks?
– 61
14. As per recent announcement, US company BrightSKY to invest Rs 500
crore in which Indian state?
– Chhattisgarh
15. With which country did EXIM Bank recently signed a Loan Agreement
on LoC for extension of Lake
pipeline project?
– Tanzania
16. In the Global Prime Office Occupancy Costs survey what was the rank
of Connaught Place (CP) –Central Business District (CBD) in New Delhi?
– 5th Costliest
17. Overnight Liquid Transaction facility on NSE’s MFSS Web based
platform began functioning recently.
does MFSS stands for?
– Mutual Fund Service System
18. With which international company did Bharti Enterprises Limited and
Foxconn form a JV named SBG
– SoftBank Corp.
19. India recently named as partner country of Industrial Trade Fair
INNOPROM 2016 of which Country?
– Russia
20. GMR Airport Developers Limited (GADL) recently signed a MoU with
which company on Aviation
– Oman Airport Management Company (OAMC)
21. The newly launched  overnight
Mumbai Inter-Bank Offer Rate (MIBOR) will be administered by
– The Board of Financial Benchmarks India Private Limited
22. FBIL overnight Mumbai Inter-Bank Offer Rate (MIBOR) to become
effective from  __________.
– 22 July
23. Which e-commerce company tied up with Akshay Kumar’s Best Deal
TV  to expand foothold in
fashion and apparels segment in India?
– Amazon
24. Anshula Kant was recently appointed by State Bank of India as
– Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
25. Who was appointed as the MD and CEO of SBI Capital Markets?
– Praveen Gupta
26. Union Government recently approved renaming Solar Energy
Corporation of India (SECI). What will
the new name of SECI?
–  Renewable Energy
Corporation of India
27. The Union Cabinet recently approved signing of MoC between India
and which country on Industrial
– Japan
28. In the UNCTAD released World Investment Report 2015, what was
India’s Rank?
– 9th
29. RBI allowed AD Category-I Banks to borrow from International
Financial Institutions. What does AD
– Authorised Dealer
30. Export-Import (Exim) Bank has extended a line of credit of USD
268.35 million to __________.
– Tanzania
31. Which company appointed Paolo Colella as India chief?
– Ericsson
32. What was rank of India in Baseline Profitability Index (BSI) 2015?
– 1st
33. Who was appointed as non-executive director to the board the Brics
New Development Bank (NDB)?
– Tito Mboweni
34. With which Bank did MUDRA Bank recently sign an agreement to
finance new entrepreneurs and
– Bank of Maharashtra
35. Which Bank topped the list with highest bad loans among PSU
– United Bank of India
36. What was the rank of Indian Army in the recent study by World
Economic Forum on World’s biggest
– 9th
37. What was the rank of Indian Railways in the recent study by World
Economic Forum on World’s
– 8th
38. Union Government hiked national floor-level minimum wage to
– 160 Rupees per day
39. State Bank of India recently partnered with which travel company
for Online Business Opportunities?
– MakeMyTrip
40. Which Indian telecom company emerged as the world’s third largest
mobile operator?
– Bharti Airtel
41. Which Indian telecom company signed a Four-Year Deal With Nokia for
3G Services?
– Airtel
42. Which Indian E-Commerce company Ranked Second In Top 40 Global
Bookstore Mind Share’ (BMS
– Flipkart
43. What was the rank of India’s in e Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders
Scorecard  2015?
– 29th
44. Which financial organisation appointed former CAG Vinod Rai as
independent director?
– Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd (IDFC)
45. Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd (IDFC) recently
appointed ___________ as
– Vinod Rai

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