Exam Review – SBI Clerk Prelims – 28 May, 2016

Hello and welcome to exampundit . On the second day of SBI Clerk
Prelims 2016, we received a little less reviews than previous week. However, it
was sufficient to provide a consolidated review for you all. A special thanks
to disqus ID Bahubali, Sourav and Domino for providing a detailed review.

Exam Review – Like last week, it was easy all over. The
only thing that bothered the aspirants is the time. The English was overall
very easy. There was no lengthy problem in English. The comprehension, cloze
test were very basic. Anyone with basic knowledge could easily attempt a lot.
On the other hand, there was No Syllogism this week also. The reasoning test
was easy. Quantitative Aptitude, comparatively was little time consuming. It was
mainly due to some of the sums were lengthy. The problems in quantitative
aptitude were easy but some took a few seconds more.
Average Attempts – The average attempts varied from 76 to 85
regardless of any shift, state or category.
Trending Topic – Similar to last week, the trending topic was
#TimeManagement. So it is upto you to manage the time properly.

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Verdict – It is better to start with the problems that takes a
little time to solve. Do not spend too much on one problem. Move on. Here are
some points mentioned by Bahubaali –
Note :
1. Level of exam is overall same
as ibps clerk except math word prblms.. english errors( jo english mei mere
jaise hain unke liye.. baakiyon ko to easy hi lga hoga . lolzz).
2. Dare to attempt word problems
only if time permits.. and also do it at very last. They r complex & time
consuming in nature.
3. Dont take any question on ur
ego. Chahe wo maths ho ya reasoning.. maine ek reasoning+ek
maths(simplification :DD)  ko ego pe
liya.. & wasted 3-4 valuable minutes.. aur wo bna v nhi.. simplification ka
shayad answer wrong tha option mei..
4. Forget everything in exam
hall.. be urself.. utilize time very well(it will be the key factor).
Some questions :
1. 6…11… 20… 37… 70… ?
2. 59… ?… 167… 176…
179… 180
3. 403… ?… 394… 367…
303… 178
4. 64.. 32.. 48… 120… ?…
5. 25   23.2  
26.8   19.6  34   ?
6. A person spent 1/3 on
clothing.. 1/5 on fooding & 2/15 on room rent. He lefts wid 5000(amount
thik se yaad nhi). Find his total monthly salary.
7. 240÷5 – 2/3 of x = 40.   Find x ?
8. In a village, total female
registered voter is 30%. If 60% of female registered voter & 40% of male
registered voters casted their vote. Find total casted vote % w.r.t. total
registered voters.
9. x% of 7/24 ÷ 21/8 = 1/20.  Find x?
10. A invested 9000. Later, B
joined A with capital 15000. At the end of 3 yrs, A & B got 5000 & 6250
as profit. What is the ratio of time period for which A & B invested their
money ?
11. 80% of 180 – x = 30% of 250
.  Find x ?
All the best. May the force be
with You.


Team ExamPundit