Exam Review – OICL Assistant 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditHere is the Official Exam Review of OICL Assistant 2015 held
on 22nd of August. The following is a combined review of both shifts.

So lets get started!!
Reasoning was EASY. And not a single review had
any eyebrow raising statement about reasoning. However, the Seating Arrangments,
some reported were little bit above than other questions but not tough or
moderate. There were questions from coding-decoding, sequence, syllogisms and
inequality and other mixed problems. All over reasoning was very satisfying for
most of the candidates.
Numerical Ability:
Numerical Ability has been the reason to worry about since
the beginning of 2015 season. It was Moderate but Calculative. A large number
of candidates were not very happy about the numerical ability part. Time
Management played the crucial role for many. There were questions based on Partnership,
Time & Work, Time and Distance, Ratio, Mensuration, DI, Number series.
There was also Simplifications which were very calculative and sometime
“confusing”. All over Numerical Ability was average for most of the
English was Easy to Moderate for most of the
candidates. The Comprehension was easy for a large number and the Sentence
Rearrangements did not cause any problem. However, some of the candidates did
find grammar and vocabulary bit moderate at some point.
Computer Knowledge: 
Computer was easy and had basic
questions. Not a single candidate showed any kind of dissatisfaction with
Some of the
questions shared:
  1. Correcting error in software Code?
  2. ALU full form
  3. 1MB is equal to how many byte or bits
  4. most useable communication device over internet ?
  5. connection with people through internet
  6. Current sequence of … input , output, storage, processing
  7. Current sequence of storage kb mb gb tb
  8. Chips is used in
  9. Primary memory
  10. Cache memory

General Awareness: 
GA is turning into a More GK less CA kind
of subject. Which reflected in today’s exam as well. A lot of questions came
from Stock GKs, State animals, state capitals, currency, capitals, various
monuments, previous awardees. So a lot of people were confused by them.
Here are some
  1. Shubham jagllan belongs to which sport? – Golf
  2. Kaiga wildlife – Karnataka
  3. Sarabhai Space Research Institute – Kerala
  4. Bharat Ratna awardee in the year 1990 – Nelson Mandela
  5. Who was Olaf Pooley? – Actor/Writer
  6. Which one of the following is a Govt backed insurance? –
  7. Brabourne Stadium – Mumbai
  8. Mountain Alps in – Switzerland
  9. Ranthambore National Park – Rajasthan
  10. France Currency – Franc
  11. Fishing Cat is the state animal of – West Bengal
  12. Nifty 50 is related to – National Stock Exchange
  13. Capital of Andaman – Port Blair
  14. In IDFC, I stands for – Infrastructure

Overall the exam was moderate, not very easy, neither very
tough. Most Importantly, Numerical Ability made things moderate. The average
attempts varied between 165- 182 regardless of any shift, any category or any


Team ExamPundit


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