Exam Review – IBPS RRB OS-I Prelims – 9 September, 2017

Hello and welcome to exampundit. IBPS season finally kicked off today with IBPS RRB OS-I
Prelims examination. There were a lot of tensions among the first day
aspirants. Mostly because of the uncertainty about the pattern of the
examination. The exam pattern turned out to be quite predicted but the
difficulty level increased a little from the previous year.

How was the exam?
The overall exam was more difficult than the previous year.
The questions had easy to moderate-confusing mix.
Reasoning had:
  • Direction;
  • Alphabet;
  • Inequalities;
  • Syllogisms;

Confusing/Time taking:
  • Puzzles
– Box puzzles trended as they were
bit difficult and confusing for the aspirants.

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Quantitative Aptitude
  • Inequalities
  • Series
  • Quadratic Equations

Confusing/Time Taking:
  • Data Interpretation
– Slightly calculative, but not
very difficult. However, one must keep an eye on the time.
  • Word Problems
– Calculative & time taking. A
lot of aspirants fell into the time-consuming trap and waste quite a lot of
time on few problems.

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What should you do?
Focus on time management. As we have predicted &
suggested earlier, you need to focus on time management in order to secure a
seat for mains.
First do the doable problems like inequalities, series, quadratic
equations, syllogism.
Make sure you choose the puzzles wisely. One must not spend
too much time on one question or one section. Secure as much as possible by
attempting the easy ones. Puzzles may seem to be easy but they are turning out
to be quite difficult, so do not spend too much time doubting yourself.
A good attempt will be somewhere between 48 to 56.

All the best!!

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Team ExamPundit