EP’s Most Promising

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Last 2 weeks we had LIC AAO 2016 and many of you performed very well. Since last month, we have seen a lot of you improving rapidly.

Firstly, great to see Emmaa,  Sippy, S Dixit, Mujhe Kuch Ni Aata, Unemployed Engineer, Kushagra 
improving to be so good in the quizzes. On the other hand, Bahubali, Chitrarth, Ruchi, Raven92, Roger Federer kept their form and did good.

There are many new faces who might think, why not us? It is simply because they are mentioned in terms of their performance as well as their contribution every day.

Today we have added a few TRUSTED ASPIRANTS for Exampundit:

  1. raven92
  2. emmaa
  3. Bahubaali
  4. S Dixit
  5. Sippy
  6. Chitrarth Nirmal

From now on, you can share Ep’s links and you will not have to wait for any approval by mods!!

The journey ahead may have a few ups and downs, but you should not give up.

There will be more quizzes and more exams coming your way, so give your best and be EP’s most promising 🙂


Team ExamPundit


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