English Quiz for Prelims Exam – Set 1 – Error Correction

Hello and welcome to exampundit. Here is a set of English Quiz for Prelims Examination.

1. For every citizen it is mandatory to help the civic administration
for keep up the city clean.
(a) for upkeep clean the city
(b) for clean and keep the city
(c) for keeping of the city cleanliness
(d) to keep the city clean
(e) No correction required
2. Anyone who known
to India’s villages knows
the meaning of scarcity.
(a) knowing India’s villages knows
(b) is known to India’s villages knows
(c) knows India’s villages knows
(d) knew India’s villages knowing
(e) No correction required
3. In our country women have
opportunities to rise
to the top in every walk of life.
(a) have been having opportunities
(b) have had opportunities for a raise
(c) have opportunities to raise
(d) having opportunities to rise
(e) No correction required
4. If Indian people are united, this nation can become a source of strength for the
entire world.
(a) could become a resource of
(b) can become resourceful for
(c) would be a source in
(d) can became a source with
(e) No correction required
5. All their efforts were
direct to
promote harmony among various groups of people.
(a) were directing to
(b) were directed at
(c) have directed for
(d) were directed to
(e) No correction required
6. What did happen there in the first place is not a matter of our concern.
(a) What happens
(b) What would have happened
(c) What happened
(d) What should have happened
(e) No correction required
7. The speaker highlighted the contribution of women for bringing about social changes.
(a) for bringing in
(b) in bringing of
(c) for the brought over
(d) in bringing about
(e) No correction required
8. Such inequalities can
be founded
enshrined in the constitutions of other countries also.
(a) could have been founded
(b) can be found
(c) could be founded
(d) could have found
(e) No correction required
9. The local authorities were never bothering to care about the unfortunate happenings.
(a) were never bothered to 
(b) never bothered to
(c) never were bothering to 
(d) were never bothering to
(e) No correction required
10. India’s outlook on the world is composing of these various elements.
(a) is composed of
(b) is composed by
(c) is composed with
(d) has been composing at
(e) No correction required


  1. D
  2. A
  3. E
  4. E
  5. D
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. A
  10. A


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Team ExamPundit