Computer Knowledge Quiz 2015 – Set 5

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for Bank and Insurance Exams in 2015.

1. Encryption is used
in computers to ____.
(a) Protect data from unauthorized access
(b) Protect data from damaging
(c) Prevent the computer from unauthorized users
(d) All the above
(e) None
2. A(n) ____ program
is one that is ready to run and does not need to be altered in any way.
(a) Interpreter
(b) High-level
(c) Compiler
(e) Executable
3. Which of the
following is true about URL?
(a) It is a computer program
(b) It is a type of Programming object
(c) It is the address of a document or page on the World
Wide Web
(d) It is an acronym for Unlimited Resources for Listening
(e) It is a piece of hardware
4. Universal Product
Code (UPC) is a –
(a) Scanner
(b) Hardware Equipment
(c) Antivirus
(d) Graphics Adapter
(e) Barcode system
5. Facsimile
Transmission Machine is popularly known as –
(a) ATM
(b) Scanner
(c) Fax Machine
(d) Format Machine
(e) None
6. What is the
significance of a faded/ dimmed command in a pull-down menu?
(a) Screen becomes faded / dimmed if the command is selected
(b) The command is not accessible currently
(c) A dialog box appears if the command is selected.
(d) A help window appears if the command is selected.
(e) None
7. The main folder on
a storage device is called _____.
(a) Root Directory
(b) Interface
(c) Device driver
(d) Platform
(e) Main directory
8. To protect the
computer from hacker intrusions, ____ must be installed.
(a) Firewall
(b) Mailer
(c) Script
(d) Yahoo Messenger
(e) None of these
9. Which of the
following is used to read handwritten or printed text to make a digital image
that is
stored in memory?
(a) Printer
(b) Laser beam
(c) Scanner
(d) Touchpad
(e) None
10. A program designed
to destroy data on the computer which can travel to infect other computers is

called a ____.
(a) Hurricane
(b) Infector
(c) Disease
(d) Virus
(e) None
11. Thesaurus option
is available in ___ menu.
(a) Page layout
(b) References
(c) Review
(d) View
(e) Layout
12. Which of the
following is/ are the functions of operating system
(a) Memory Management
(b) Access to I/O devices
(c) Controlled Access to files
(d) All the above
(e) None of these
13. The easiest way
to select text is to left click the mouse and _____.
(a) Hold the Shift key
(b) Hold the Ctrl key
(c) Move the mouse
(d) Drag Over the words you want to highlight
(e) None
14. Which part of the
URL will specify the rules to be followed when
accessing a file?
(a) http://
(b) www
(c) exampundit
(d) .in
15. Moving the page
around to view all the pages in the document on the screen is referred to as:
(a) Surfing
(b) Navigating
(c) Hyperlink
(d) Scrolling
(e) Browsing


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