Believe in Yourself – Aries Fire

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is an inspiring article by Aries Fire.

Q. first
step toward success?
Ans   every battle starts from heart and end in
mind.  First believe in yourself and then
study because your first step (positive/negative or with fear)  in examination room decide your 50% result.
Q.  aim / focus?
Ans.  Suppose u plan to going somewhere but not
decided so opt any road kya fark padta hai…. Same way study without aim is
same like moving in desert…. where is no end .
Q.  deadline ?
Ans  yes we have to pass graduation in three /
four years , and govt.launches many policies with deadline and many
more….   this competition era is a hell
as soon as possible u leave this hell 
with success is beneficial for us. So deadline is important for cracking
particular examination .
Q.  hard work until my LUCK not favour?
Ans   luck means
L  labour
U under
C correct
W work
If u want to
success in life change your strategy not your aim. Sometimes last key from
bunch opens the lock…..
Q.  I am very depressed  i am leaving preparation/ not giving
particular examination ?
Ans   your preparation is not only yours .  Expectation of your parents , trust of your
brother/sister , blessing of your love ones is involved  . Look to your book shelves and your father
leaning  shoulder  and u got your answer….
Fail in one
examination does not mean fail in life…
Q. comments
Ans   sabsa bada rog kya kehnge log…..  our mind is very sensitive   , and comments is the best stairs to achieve
your aim if u take it positive  otherwise
one comment is enough to destroy your two days..
In horse
racing horse eyes cover with flaps to concentrate on race/ not audience or
competitors and horse ear fill with  cotton 
to avoid distraction even  sound
of his own  legs, why because only for
success ….. same way we try to act like a horse if we want to do something…
Q . very big
or very hard examination / lakhs of students applying?
Ans   short story…  
A 17  years old boy david  was a shepherd who lived in Israel.he took
care of his sheep. One day a terrible giant named goliath started bragging to
his cousin brothers that none of the people would dare to fight him. Israel
people and soldiers were all afraid of big goliath. The little said I “ll fight
goliath. God will help me. And he went and got some stones for his slingshot.
The  giant just laughed at him . david put a stone
in his sling and flung it. The stone hit big goliath on the head. Then david
killed him with his sword.
At last
david said , question is not that goliath is so big, but reality is that he is
so big so their is not possibility for missing the target….
Same way
particular examination is common for us / competitiors is common for us but how
we look that opportunity that matters……
Q. fail in
examination or trying from many  years ?
Ans   only few words to say
does not create a lock without its key and GOD doesn’t give you problem
without its solution….
I am just
aspirant like you  


Team ExamPundit


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